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1, thoroughfare, 6, Amir Temur str., Tashkent, 100000, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone number: +99871 234-9025
The website: www.tshtx.uz
E-mail info@tshtx.uz
Functions Duties

  • Meeting the needs of the population in urban passenger transport services, providing a reliable and rhythmic movement on routes subject to a high level of road safety in passenger transport;

  • monitoring the safety of property transportation companies, including motor vehicles and their intended use, to assist public companies in the implementation of state-owned assets;

  • the development of transport infrastructure, providing services to all carriers, regardless of ownership on a contractual basis, including all types of repair and modernization of rolling stock, as well as their service;

  • participation in the formation of tariffs for urban passenger transport, based on the demand for transportation services for passengers, economically justified costs and increase profitability of passenger transport;

  • organization of training, retraining and advanced training.

F.I.Sh. Lavozim Hafta kunlari Vaqt

Djuraev Anvar Zapparovich

Chairman of the Board



Kholmatov Mirkhosil Khusanovich

Deputy Chairman of the Board



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