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Uzbek metallurgycal enterprise
Address: 1, Sirdaryo str., Bekabad city, Tashkent region, 110502, Republic of Uzbekistan
Phone number: +998 70 214-1423
The website: www.uzbeksteel.uz
E-mail info@uzbeksteel.uz





The Republic of Karakalpakstan

230100 Nukus, the settlement Kyzketgen

+998 (61) 225-0670

Andijan region

170011 Andijan, A.Yuldascheva street, 53

+998 (74) 226-8884

Bukhara region

200122 Bukhara street of Friendship of Peoples, 4

+998 (65) 225-6009

Jizzakh region

Djizzak 130100, Industrial Area 'A'

+998 (72) 221-0303

Kashkadarya region

180100 Karshi, Industrial Area, commander of the village, street Chorchinor

+998 (75) 777-1154

Namangan region

160103 Namangan, Temiryulchillar Street, 228

+998 (69) 233-1369

Samarkand region

140100 Samarkand street M.Bedilya, 18

+998 (66) 221-0973

Surkhandarya region

190100 Termez, Industrial Area

+998 (76) 222-4138

Syrdarya region

Bayaut district patrol "Bayaut"

+998 (67) 342-4156

Tashkent region

110502, Tashkent region, Bekabad office building of "Uzmetkombinat"

+998 (70) 912-3787

Khorezm region

740000 Urgench street Ashgabat, 96

+998 (62) 225-6013

Tashkent city

100154, Tashkent, Sergeli South Industrial Area

+998 (71) 258-9284

Functions Duties

  • harvesting and processing of scrap and waste metal.

  • manufacture and sale of rolled and other steel products.

  • production and sale of enameled cookware and other consumer goods.

  • The use of local sources of raw materials, industrial waste, as well as toxins and other wastes of metallurgical production, based on clean technology manufacturing its own products and consumer goods.

  • The acquisition, sale of goods and other products, intermediate trade, trade-purchasing activity.

  • Provide the public, businesses, institutions and organizations of various types and forms of paid services.

  • performance of transport services, aimed at meeting the needs of the population and legal entities.

  • the production and release of non-standard equipment, aimed at meeting the needs of consumers, as well as the organization of a network of shops exemplary corporate trade.

  • providing natural and legal persons of repair services and execution of industrial, residential and public works.

  • publication of a large-circulation newspapers and broadcasting television programs.





Nurutdinov Alik Saidovich

General director

Second Tuesday of each month


Halikberdiev Shaukat Bobonazarovich

Deputy general director

Second and fourth Wednesday of each month

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