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Republican Center of Spirituality and Enlightenment

36, Shahrisabz avenue, Tashkent, 100060, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone number: +99871 233-2388
The website: www.manaviyat.uz
E-mail manaviyat@umail.uz
Region Address Telephone E-mail

The Republic of Karakalpakstan

742003, Nukus city, str Amir temur shokh 112-a (0-361) 222-13-27 qr.ezgulik@umail.uz

Andijan region

710031 Andijan city, str Shokh 126-uy;

(0-374) 298-14-17


Bukhara region

705012 Bukhara city, str I.Mominov 2-uy;

(0-365) 770-04-20


Jizzakh region

130100 Jizzakh city, str S. Khamroqulov, «Center Makhalla»

(0-372) 771-70-13


Kashkadarya region

700001 Karshi city, str Mustakillik shokh 2

(0-375) 221-11-05


Navoi region

706800 Navoi city, str Amir Temur 4

(0-436) 603-64-77


Namangan region

716036 Namangan city, str A.Navoi 53

(0-369) 223-07-16


Samarkand region

703000 Samarkand city, str M.Ulughbek 62

(0-366) 210-08-14


Surkhandarya region

732004 Termez city, str B.Marghiloniy

(0-376) 227-59-01


Syrdarya region

707000 Gulistan, str Mustakillik 35

(0-367) 236-37-90


Tashkent region

700047 Tashkent city, str Istiqlol 51

(0-371) 150-34-65


Ferghana region

150100 Ferghana, str B. Marghiloniy 121

(0-373) 229-77-15


Khorezm region

220100 Urgench city, str Al-Khorazmiy 23

(0-362) 770-56-22


Tashkent city

100000 Tashkent city, str Amir Temur shokh 14

(0-371) 150-34-54


Functions Duties

  • formation in the hearts and thinking of citizens, especially the younger generation, outlook, based on the national idea, a national ideology, human values and democratic principles;

  • the introduction of ever more deeply into the consciousness of the public boundless loyalty to the ideas of independence, love of country, conviction, courage and dedication in achieving this great and noble goal, as the construction of a free and prosperous nation;

  • to contribute to ensuring that all people, including young people, enjoyed national values and heritage of our great thinkers, humanist philosophy of the religion of Islam and its ideas have penetrated into the hearts of the younger generation;

  • education of every citizen awareness of their rights, relying on their capability and strength, sense of ownership of their own destiny, an active participant in the formation of thinking and a champion of the transformation taking place in the country, a deep understanding of the nature and objectives of the socio-political and economic reforms;

  • providing regular harmonious in form and content of educational and advocacy, based on the popular and truthfulness, social thought and the power of action and the potential for sensible citizens in all spheres.

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