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Council of farmers, dekhkan farms and owners of homestead lands of Uzbekistan

2A, Islam Karimov str., Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone number: +99871 233-07-14
The website: www.uzfk.uz
E-mail info_uzfk@mail.ru
Functions Duties

  • develop proposals to improve the legislation in the field of farming, building material and financial base of farms and provide protection for their property relations;

  • protection of the rights and legitimate interests of farmers, including in relations with the state and economic management of the government in the field, by procurement, supply and service organizations, as well as in cases before the courts;

  • implementation of public control in order to ensure the principles of openness, transparency and the rule of law in the creation and restructuring of farms, allocate them a long-term lease of land;

  • assistance in the development of multi-scale farming, introduce in their work effective water-saving technologies, particularly drip irrigation, modern information and communication technologies;

  • assistance in the establishment and expansion of a network of consulting centers in rural areas of legal, economic, financial, agronomic and other issues, as well as various forms of cooperation farms for production, procurement, processing and marketing of products.

Name Position Week days Time

Xaitov Aktam Axmadovich

Acting Chairman - -
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