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Khokimiyat of Khorezm region

29, Аl-Хоrаzmiy str., Urgеnch, 100170, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone number: +998 62 223-0087
The website: www.xorazm.uz
E-mail hokim@xorazm.uz
Hokimiyats of districts (cities)AddressPhoneE-mail 
Khokimiyat Urgench Khorezm region+998 62 226-21-55info@urganchshahar.uzView
Bogot district of Khorezm region+998 62 31-56-176info@bogothokimiyat.uzView
Khokimiyat Gurlan district Khorezm region+998 62 36-51-133info@gurlan.uzView
Khokimiyat Kushkupir district Khorezm region+998 62 32-92-454info@qushkupirhokimiyat.uzView
Khokimiyat Urgench district of Khorezm region+998 62 35-21-649info@urganchhokimiyat.uzView
Khokimiyat Hazorasp district of Khorezm region+998 62 33-21-336info@hazorasphokimiyat.uzView
Khokimiyat Honka district of Khorezm region+998 62 39-91-347, + +998 62 39-91-101info@xonqa.uzView
Khokimiyat Khiva district of Khorezm region+998 62 37-53-075, +998 62 37-52-197info@xivahokimiyat.uzView
Khokimiyat Shovot district of Khorezm region+998 62 34-51-844, +998 62 34-51-601info@shovothokimiyat.uzView
Khokimiyat Yangiarik Khorezm region

73, Mustakillik str., Yangiarik district, 221100

+998 62 38-53-144info@yangiariq.uzView
Khokimiyat Yangibazar Khorezm region+998 62 41-94-144info@yangibozorhokimiyat.uzView
Functions Duties

  • maintaining law, order and security of citizens;

  • the economic, social and cultural development of the territories;

  • formation and implementation of the local budget, establishment of local taxes and fees, formation of extrabudgetary funds;

  • guide the municipal economy;

  • protection of the environment;

  • ensuring civil registration;

  • the adoption of regulations and other powers that do not contradict the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

  • Local authorities enforce the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the decisions of higher bodies of state power, participate in the discussion of issues of national and local importance.

  • organizes the execution of the laws and regulations of Oliy Majlis, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Cabinet, the decisions of higher authorities and the relevant council of people's deputies;

  • take measures relating to compliance with public order and the fight against crime, ensuring the safety of citizens, protection of their rights and health, organizes work during natural disasters, epidemics and other extreme cases;

  • submit for approval by council of people's deputies of the main directions of economic and social development of the region, district, city, the main parameters of the regional, district, city budgets and performance reports;

  • submit for approval by council of people's deputies of appointment and dismissal of his deputies and heads of departments of the executive power;

  • appoints and dismisses the heads of divisions of khokimiyat;

  • cancel the decisions of the lower mayors and submits recommendations to Council of deputies for annulment of acts of subordinate councils of people's deputies, if they are contrary to the Constitution, the laws and acts of the chambers of the Oliy Majlis, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Cabinet of Ministers and the decisions of the superior council of people's deputies and governor ;

  • supervise the departments of the executive power, whose leaders are appointed and dismissed by the relevant Council of deputies;

  • In accordance with the law makes representations about the disciplining of officials for their failure to acts of council of people's deputies and governor;

  • reviews the application and makes proposals on conferring state awards;

  • organize the reception of the population, dealing with complaints, requests and suggestions of citizens.





Ermanov Farkhod Urazboevich

Hakim region



Huzhaniezova Shakarzhon Yusupovna

The first deputy Hakim region



Masharipov Uktam Rustamovich

Deputy Hakim region



Yusupov Ergash Amanbaevich

Deputy Hakim region



Ermetov Mahmoud Nurimatovich

Deputy Hakim region



Abdukarimova Sayer Sapaevna

Deputy Hakim region



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