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Ministry of Agriculture Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan

2, Universitet str., Tashkent region, 100140, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone number: +99871 260-5070 ;
+99871 260-4873
The website: www.agro.uz
E-mail info@agro.uz
Region Address: Telephone E-mail
The Republic of Karakalpakstan Nukus city, str Turon 25

(0-361) 222-5348

Andijan region Andijan city, str Tinchlik 8

(0-374) 224-4797

Bukhara region Bukhara city, str Nakshbandiy 297/1 (0-365) 225-1711 buxoro@qsxv.uz
Jizzakh region Jizzakh city, str Sh.Rashidov 362 (0-372) 226-3244 jizzax@qsxv.uz
Kashkadarya region Karshi city, str Uzbekistan 81 A (0-375) 221-0900 qashqadaryo@qsxv.uz
Navoi region Navoi city, str Nizamiy 24 (0-436) 224-9831 navoiy@qsxv.uz
Namangan region Namangan city, str Okhunbabayev 66 (0-369) 226-3411 namangan@qsxv.uz
Samarkand region Samarkand city, Koksaroy arena 1 (0-366) 233-4787 samarqand@qsxv.uz
Surkhandarya region Termez city, str M.Qakhkhor 19 (0-376) 223-0317 surxondaryo@qsxv.uz
Syrdarya region Gulistan city, str Mustakillik 62 (0-367) 225-0631 sirdaryo@qsxv.uz
Tashkent region Tashkent city, str Nukus 77 (0-371) 255-8205 toshkentv@qsxv.uz
Ferghana region Ferghana city, A.Farghoniy 64 (0-373) 224-2628 fergana@qsxv.uz
Khorezm region Khorezm city, A.Bakhodirkhon 178 (0-362) 226-6287 xorazm@qsxv.uz
Tashkent city
Functions Duties

  • contributes to the Cabinet of Ministers on the main directions of the state policy in the field of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, strategies and mechanisms for their implementation;

  • develop regional and sectoral development programs of Agriculture, Water and Forestry;

  • conducts market research in market of agricultural products, provides the necessary information of agricultural producers;

  • Participates in attracting foreign and domestic investment in agriculture, water and forestry, provides a rational and targeted use of budgetary funds;

  • develop guidelines for the implementation of the industrial and financial-economic activity of enterprises of Agriculture, Water and Forestry;

  • coordinates the work of the specialized jurisdiction and elite seed farms for Variety Testing, excretion and reproduction of promising new varieties of crops;

  • develop water resources balance, sets limits on water withdrawals by source, basin irrigation systems, industries, territories

  • implementation of a uniform agronomic policies for modernization and development of sustainable agriculture;

  • improvement and introduction of modern agricultural technologies in agricultural production;

  • coordination of industries, units and structures that serve agricultural producers on the basis of market principles and mechanisms;

  • coordination of efforts to deepen economic reforms in the agricultural sector, the extensive development of the lease, a family contract, farms;

  • Develop recommendations for improving farming systems and sortorazmescheniyu crops;

  • implementation of the state policy in the field of plant breeding and seed production, breeding, animal health, plant quarantine and safety of livestock products, poultry and fish farming;

  • implementation of state management of surface water resources at the basin principle of irrigation management and implementation at all levels of the market principles of water use and water consumption;

  • ensuring the operation and modernization of the state of the water system;

Full name Position Days of reception Time

Mirzayev Zoir Toirovich


Fourth Saturday of each month


Vakhabov Abrol Djabarovich

First Deputy Minister

The first Saturday of every month


Safarov Tulqin Bobomurodovich

Deputy Minister

The third Saturday of every month


Mustafoyev Otabek Sodiqovich

Deputy Minister

Every second Friday of the month


Khamrayev Shavkat Rakhimovich Deputy Minister

The second Saturday of every month


Teshayev Shuhrat Jo‘raqulovich

Deputy Minister

The fourth Friday of every month


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