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Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan

5, Mustakillik square, Tashkent, 100095, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone number: +99871 239-1310
The website: www.uzedu.uz
E-mail info@xtv.uz
Region Address: Telephone E-mail

The Republic of Karakalpakstan

231100 The Republic of Karakalpakstan, Nukus city, A.Dosnazarov str 62

+998 (61) 222-2437


Andijan region

710000 Andijan city, Amir Umarkhon str 23

+998 (74) 224-4312


Bukhara region

200112 Bukhara city, I.Muminov str 2

+998 (65) 224-3262


Jizzakh region

708014 Jizzakh city, Sh.Rashidov str 6

+998 (72) 226-0430


Kashkadarya region

180100 Kashkadarya city, Uzbekistan str 219

+998 (75) 221-0468


Navoi region

106800 Navoi city, P.Ochilova str 24

+998 (36) 224-9588


Namangan region

160115 Namangan city,

+998 (69) 323-6515

namangan_vxtb @ uzedu.uz

Samarkand region

703006 Samarkand city, Chelak str 50

+998 (66) 233-3765


Surkhandarya region

732008 Termez city, At-Termiziy str 2

+998 (76) 770-8183


Syrdarya region

707000 Gulistan city, Mustakillik str 35

+998 (67) 225-0763


Tashkent region

100064 Tashkent city, Yusuf Xos Hojib str 64

+998 (71) 254-0418


Ferghana region

712000 Ferghana city, Kurbonjon Dodhoq str 2

+998 (73) 224-0570


Khorezm region

Urgench city, Y.Bobojonov str 29

+998 (62) 226-4666


Tashkent city

100000 Tashkent city, Mustakillik str 69

+998 (71) 137-4894


Functions Duties

  • develops together with the concerned ministries, state committees and departments science-based forecasts of the education system and its specific links, aimed at achieving the goals, objectives and provisions of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education" and the National Training Programme;

  • sets out the state requirements for pre-school, secondary and adult education, training and retraining of teachers;

  • provides guidance management training and educational process in educational institutions;

  • ensure implementation of the national standard of general secondary education, vocational teacher education in educational institutions;

  • develop and approve curricula and teaching programs of general education, fundamental, social, humanitarian and general professional subjects and disciplines, defines procedures for the approval and release of educational and training material for educational institutions of the Ministry;

  • creates advanced educational technology training, advanced training and methodological complexes and didactic support of the educational process;

  • Search for and implementation of effective psycho-pedagogical methods of preschool education, including in terms of family upbringing of children;

  • implementation of a uniform state policy on the development of pre-school, general secondary and adult education, quality improvement and professional development of teachers, especially primary school teachers;

  • Improving the state educational standards of secondary education, the requirements for pre-school and school education, providing the conditions for the formation of a fully developed and capable of independent thinking person;

  • introduction to the educational process of modern progressive forms of education, new educational and information technologies, effective forms and methods of spiritual and moral education, the implementation of the national idea, aimed at promoting peace and stability, and progress of the country and the welfare of the people;

  • Coordination and implementation of methodological management of educational institutions, pre-school, secondary and adult education, regardless of their departmental subordination and forms of ownership;

  • organization of the development and publication of a new generation of educational and instructional materials for pre-school, secondary and adult education;

  • creation of a regulatory framework to ensure the further strengthening of material and technical conditions in the jurisdiction of educational institutions to improve the quality and content of education that meets the interests of society and the state;

Full Name Position Days of reception Time

Shermatov Sherzod Khotamovich

Minister Monday 16:00-18:00

Bekturdiyev Kаdirbаy Bekbosinovich

First Deputy Minister Tuesday 16:00-18:00
Umarov Alisher Yusubjanovich Deputy Minister


Nazirov Atabek Anvarovich Deputy Minister Friday 16:00-18:00

Sa’dullayev Alisher Zafar o‘g‘li

Deputy Minister Wednesday 16:00-18:00
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