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Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan

1, Taras Shevchenko str., Tashkent, 100159, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone number: +99871 256-4472
The website: madaniyat.uz
E-mail info@madaniyat.uz
Region Address: Telephone E-mail
The Republic of Karakalpakstan Nukus city, str A.Dosnazarov 62 +998 (61) 222-3950 qoraqalpoghiston@mcs.uz
Andijan region Andijan city, str Yuksalish 41 +998 (74) 222-2600 andijon@mcs.uz
Bukhara region Bukhara city, str Akademik Muminov 2 +998 (65) 223-6407 buxoro@mcs.uz
Jizzakh region Jizzakh city, str Sh.Rashidov 63 +998 (72) 226-4780 jizzax@mcs.uz
Kashkadarya region Karshi city, str Mustakillijk 2 +998 (75) 221-1124 qashqadaryo@mcs.uz
Navoi region Navoi city, str A.Temur 4 "A" +998 (36) 223-6494 navoiy@mcs.uz
Namangan region Namangan city, str Navoi 3 +998 (69) 226-4610 namangan@mcs.uz
Samarkand region Samarkand city, Koksaroy arena 1 +998 (66) 233-0335 samarqand@mcs.uz
Surkhandarya region Termez city, str Istiklol 15 +998 (76) 226-2486 surxondaryo@mcs.uz
Syrdarya region Gulistan city, str Uzbekistan +998 (67) 225-3992 sirdaryo@mcs.uz
Tashkent region Tashkent city, str Mustakillik 5 +998 (71) 233-7165 toshkentv@mcs.uz
Ferghana region Ferghana city, str Pakhlavon Makhmud 1 +998 (73) 224-8374 farghona@mcs.uz
Khorezm region Urgench city, str Al-Khorazmiy 27 +998 (62) 226-5420 xorazm@mcs.uz
Tashkent city Tashkent city, str Mustakillik 5 +998 (71) 233-7165 toshkentshbb@mcs.uz
Functions Duties

  • coordinate the work of ministries, departments, public organizations and associations, enterprises, institutions and organizations in the field of culture and sports;

  • monitors compliance with legislation on matters falling within the competence of the Ministry is developing proposals to improve it, and in due course submit it to the Cabinet for its consideration;

  • develops international cooperation projects in the field of culture and sports, and ensures fulfillment of international agreements;

  • ensures the development of theater, music, ballet, variety, circus and folk art, giving full support creative teams in the creation of works that reflect the bright pages of history of the nation, its contemporary life, the experience of independent development;

  • organize the training process in the spirit of national and universal values of humanism and moral rectitude, has been working to stimulate people's desire to improve their general educational and cultural level, attached to the best examples of national and world culture and art;

  • provides training, re-training, certification, and training and study abroad staff of the Ministry;

  • ensures the creation of museums consonant ideas of national independence exposures, truthfully reflect the rich cultural heritage of the Uzbek people, their role and importance in the history of mankind, the stages of its development, as well as in-depth study of contemporary perspectives of development, the implementation of a national policy on museology, keeping the unified catalog of exhibits, in the museums;

  • implementation of comprehensive measures to implement the state policy in the field of culture and sports, the revival of the rich cultural heritage of the people, for centuries formed the all-round development of high spirituality, folk traditions and customs, education of physically healthy and spiritually rich and harmonious development of personality;

  • Based on the idea of national independence, cultural, spiritual and moral traditions of the Uzbek people, the implementation of cultural, educational, sports and recreational and sports activities among the population, better meet the cultural and aesthetic needs of the people;

  • Further development of theater, music, dance, fine arts, circus, folk crafts and pop art, raising their ideological and artistic and moral level, providing all possible assistance to the creative groups in the creation of works that reflect the brightest pages of the history of the people and its modern life, free democratic development of the country;

  • ensuring the filling of cultural and festive events profound ideological content, close cooperation with the creative unions and social organizations of the republic, providing comprehensive support to creative young people, creating the necessary conditions for the full manifestation of their talents;

  • implementation of measures to promote physical education and mass sports, the formation of the population, especially among the youth and children understand the need for exercise, instilling a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and love of the sport, preparing young people for work and service in the armed forces of the Republic;

Full Name Position Days of reception Time

Sayfullayev Bakhtiyor




Nazarbekov Ozodbek Akhmadovich

First Deputy Minister



Akilova Kamola Baltabayevna

Deputy Minister

Wednesday 10:00-12:00

Kukonboyev Umidjon Abdurakhimovich

Deputy minister



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