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Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan

1, Yunus Rаjаbiy str., Tashkent, 100029, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone number: +99871 231-41-10

+99871 231-32-72
The website: www.iiv.uz
E-mail info@mvd.uz
Region Address Telephone E-mail

The Republic of Karakalpakstan

230100, Nukus city str.Amir Temur 112

(8-361) 222-56-76

Andijan region

170100, Andijan city str.Navoi 26


Bukhara region

200100, Bukhara city str.B.Nakshband 10

(8-365) 224-64-86

Jizzakh region

130100, Jizzakh city str.Sailjoyi 1

(8-372) 226-03-02

Kashkadarya region 180100, Karshi city, str.Mustakillik 47

(8-375) 221-82-45

Navoi region

210100, Navoi city, str.Navoi 7

(8-436) 223-06-71

Namangan region

160133, Namangan city, str.N.Namangoniy 16

(8-369) 226-60-55

Samarkand region

140100, Samarkand city, str.Bustansaroy 89

(8-366) 233-00-00

Surkhandarya region

733000, Termez city, str.F.Xujaev 46

(8-376) 227-25-51

Syrdarya region

707000, Gulistan city, str.Mustakillik 1

(8-367) 225-33-30

Tashkent region

700143, Tashkent city Mirzo Ulugbek region, str.Buyuk ipak yuli 243


Ferghana region

150100, Fergana city, str. A.Navoi 13

(8-373) 224-29-08

Khorezm region

220100, Urgench city, str.Y.Bobozhonov 14

(8-362) 226-32-16

Tashkent city

100060, Tashkent city, Mirabad region str. Sodik Azimov 87

(8-371) 232-03-30

Functions Duties

  • provides overall leadership and coordination and methodological support of the law-enforcement bodies to combat crime, the protection of public order, crime prevention, by working with the staff and strengthen the rule of law;

  • Prepare and implement a national program to combat crime, public order and public security, participates in the development and implementation of Union programs in these areas;

  • Provide guidance and participate in the development of national legislation on the rule of law;

  • provides legal support to law-enforcement bodies within the jurisdiction;

  • controls the forces and resources in conducting national measures to combat crime and maintaining public order;

  • identifies, organizes and provides a single system for planning, monitoring, and information and analytical work in the police;

  • forms a republican reference collection, operational-search and personnel records, creating a national forensic accounting and information system is the state statistical reporting on the activities of the Interior;

  • supervises the Internal Affairs on transport, educational institutions of the Interior, located on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

  • develop and implement measures to ensure the timely prevention and suppression of crime and other anti-social activities, making the ministries, departments, agencies and organizations of the proposal to eliminate the causes of crime and other violations of the rule of law, and conditions conducive to commit them;

  • the strategic direction of the law enforcement bodies of the republic;

  • the overall direction, coordination of law enforcement bodies, providing them with the organizational and methodological assistance and ensuring the effectiveness of their activities;

  • ensuring the rule of law in the internal affairs bodies, enterprises, institutions and organizations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens;

  • support of combat and mobilization readiness of internal forces;

  • ensuring public safety and public order, the organization of the fight against crime;

  • implementation of science and technology, good practices, innovative forms of governance and working methods;

  • Develop a legal framework for the activities of internal affairs;

  • ensuring a high level of personnel work in the police;

  • providing social guarantees for employees of law enforcement bodies;

  • providing work to combat organized crime and corruption.

Full name Position Days of reception Time
Bobojonov Pulat Razzaqovich Minister - -

Nazarmukhamedov Davron Abitovich

First Deputy Minister Monday 10:00-12:00

Boboxonov Akramxon Aloxonovich

Deputy Minister Tuesday 10:00-12:00
Vacancy Deputy Minister Wednesday


Ergashev Rustam Mashrabjonovich Deputy Minister Thursday 10:00-12:00
Vacancy Deputy Minister Friday 10:00-12:00

Mirzaev Alisher Shoimovich

Deputy Minister



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