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The State Highway Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan

68a, Mustakillik str., Tashkent, 100000, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone number: +99871 239-4587; 239-4571
The website: www.uzavtoyul.uz
E-mail info@uzavtoyul.uz
Region Address Phone


The Republic of Karakalpakstan

Nukus sity, Dustlik street 109

(0 361) 222-28-65 qoraqalpoqavtoyul@uzavtoyul.uz
Andijan region

Andijon sity, A.Yuldoshev street 30

(0 374) 226-88-90 andijon@uzavtoyul.uz
Bukhara region

Bukhara city, Mokhikhosa gathering of citizens, Gijduvan street 272

(0 365) 228-58-00 buxoro@uzavtoyul.uz
Jizzakh region

Jizzakh city, Pakhtakor street 10

(0 372) 222-22-57 jizzax@uzavtoyul.uz
Kashkadarya region

Karshi city, Khonobod street 23

( 0 375 ) 221-05-40 qashqadaryo@uzavtoyul.uz
Navoi region

Navoiy city, Guluston village, Navruz street 29

(0 436) 223-88-90 navoiy@uzavtoyul.uz
Namangan region

Namangan city, Sanoat street 19

(0 369) 237-39-23 namangan@uzavtoyul.uz
Samarkand region

Samarkad city, Nabiev street 3

(0 366) 234-26-08 samarqand@uzavtoyul.uz
Surkhandarya region

Termiz city, Olmazor street 42

(0 376) 221-23-30 surxondaryo@uzavtoyul.uz
Syrdarya region

Gulustan city, Tashkent street 3

(0 367) 227-34-20 sirdaryo@uzavtoyul.uz
Tashkent region

Tashkent city, Mustakillik avunue 68A

(0 371) 237-26-27


Ferghana region

Fargona city, Aeroport street 1

(0 373 ) 226-39-46 fargona@uzavtoyul.uz
Khorezm region

Khorazm province, Urganch city,
Khiva avenue 1

(0 362) 227-35-74 xorazm@uzavtoyul.uz
Functions Duties

  • conducting integrated technical, investment and foreign economic policies on the development and improvement of road network in the country;

  • coordination of activities in providing complex care and proper technical condition and bandwidth of public roads, bridges, tunnels, first of all the international and national significance, as well as the activities of contractors that belongs to the company’s structure;

  • determining the prospects and improvements of the development of the road network;

  • provision of integrated solutions on issues of project design, construction, reconstruction, repair, maintenance and usage of public roads;

  • control over compliancy of established rules and quality standards during construction and repair works on public roads;

  • conducting constant supervision of technical condition of public roads and providing of driving usage of it at any time;

  • ensuring effective contractor construction activities on the basis of the state orders and direct agreements with enterprises and organizations, the state authority and management bodies;

  • ensuring of the effectiveness of construction work on government contracts, contracts with other organizations and government agencies.

  • carrying out a unified technical policy in the sphere of roads;

  • development and realization of state programs for the development of highways;

  • determination of prospects for the development and improvement of the road network;

  • forming international transit corridors of highways;

  • providing a comprehensive solution to the issues of financing, design, construction, repair and maintenance of highways, taking into account the interests of users of road in the conditions of modern traffic flows, as well as the organization of effective customers service;

  • controlling on the quality of construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of highways;

  • coordination of works to ensure the preservation of the existing network of inter-farm rural roads, city streets, urban settlements and villages with their maintenance at a high transport-operational level;

  • the organization of researching, introduction of innovative technologies and modern standards in the design, construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of highways;

  • organization of training, retraining and advanced training of personnel in the field of highways, including training courses and seminars abroad.



Days of week


Abduvaliev Abdurahmon Abdulxayevich

Chairman of the Board


08:00 - 11:00

Nazarov Shukhrat Bakhtiyarovich First Deputy Chairman Thursday

08:00 - 11:00

Adilov Obid Chorievich Deputy Chairman Wednesday 08:00 - 11:00
Saifnazarov Saxib Ismailovich Deputy Chairman Tuesday 08:00 - 11:00
Khusanov Nodirjon Sobirovich Deputy Chairman Friday 08:00 - 11:00
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