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State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on ecology and environmental protection

2A, Yashnobod, Tashkent, 100159, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone number: +99871 236-02-21
The website: www.uznature.uz
E-mail info@uznature.uz
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Republican State Inspection on protection and rational use of flora and fauna+998 71 236-02-21info@uznature.uzView
Functions Duties

  • implementing a comprehensive environmental management in the widespread use of predominantly economic methods of environmental protection and use of natural resources, the promotion of universal application of resource-saving, low-waste and non-waste technology, involvement in business turnover of waste, implementation of scientific and technological progress in the field of environmental protection and use of natural resources;

  • organizes the development and approves national, sectoral accords environmental regulations, rules and standards for the protection of nature and natural resources, create and maintain their fund;

  • carries out work for metrological support of environmental activities, provides guidance on how to control pollution of the environment;

  • analyzes the impact of human activities on the natural environment in order to regulate the extent of involvement in the economic turnover of all natural resources;

  • submit to the Oliy Majlis, Cabinet of Ministers and public authorities on the ground proposals for the implementation of natural resources necessary environmental protection measures to be included in long-term projects and annual forecasts of the environment, as well as set records for the analysis of the implementation of economic reforms in the environmental complex;

  • State control over the protection of the environment, the use and reproduction of natural resources;

  • implementation of inter-sectoral integrated environmental management;

  • Development and implementation of a unified environmental and resource policy;

  • ensuring good ecological environment, environmental improvement.





Kuchkarov BahromTulqinovich

Chairman Monday-Friday 08:00-11:00


First Deputy Chairman



Utayev Uktam Choriyevich Deputy Chairman Monday-Friday 08:00-11:00
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