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Uzbekistan National News Agency
Address: 41, Buyuk Nuron str., Tashkent, 100000, Republic of Uzbekistan
Phone number: +99871 233-1622
The website: www.uza.uz
E-mail pochta@uza.uz
Functions Duties

  • collection and provision of information to the media, government agencies, institutions, enterprises and organizations, public associations, and individuals in the country and abroad;

  • provides the legal right of every citizen to objective and complete information on any subject and, above all, on the activities of the supreme bodies of state power of the Republic of Uzbekistan, their internal and external policies;

  • Collection and dissemination of information UzA independently from the political and social organizations, focusing on the public interest of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the principles of objective and comprehensive coverage of the events, tasks, and all-round democratization of the consolidation of society on the basis of the humanization of human relations.

  • collects official and other information and distributes it on a commercial basis in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad;

  • publishes and distributes in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad, information bulletins, newspapers, books, magazines and other printed matter, computer, photographic and audiovisual products by subscription and retail;

  • the availability of resources alone establish, reorganize and abolish the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad, information centers, branches and correspondent offices;

  • carries out international communication on the collection and dissemination of information of all kinds.


Position Weekdays Time

Khazratqulov Mamatqul Khazratqulovich

General Director

Monday, Wednesday


Suyarov Sadriddin Latipovich

Deputy General Director

Wednesday, Friday


Meliqulov Jumanazar Khayitovich

Deputy General Director

Tuesday, Wednesday


Khamroev Odil Khamzaevich

Deputy General Director

Tuesday, Thursday


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