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The Uzbek state inspection for control over the use of oil products and natural gas under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan

100007, Tashkent, street Mirzo Ulugbek, 32-a

Phone number: +99871 267-56-01
The website: www.uzngi.uz
E-mail info@uzngi.uz





The Republic of Karakalpakstan

742005, Nukus, the prospectus Bird, "UZGAZLOYIKHA"

8-361 224-2504,224-0179

Andijan region

710026, Andijan., St. Mirpustin, 32

8-374 224-3500

Bukhara region

200104, Bukhara, st. O.Eshonov, 12

8-365 223-4140

Jizzakh region

708800, Djizzak, St. Yugay, 1

8-372 224-4950, 224-2088

Kashkadarya region

730000, Karshi, st. A. Temur, 43-a

8-375 225-0401,225-1630

Navoi region

706800, Navoi str. S.Ayny, 3

8-436 223-0053,223-4078

Namangan region

Samarkand region

703000, Samarkand, st. Beruniy, 65

8-366 233-6363,


Surkhandarya region

190100, Termez, st. F.Huzhaeva, 17

8-376 223-0996

Syrdarya region

707000, Gulistan, St. Sh.Rashidova, 127

8-367 225-1418

Tashkent region

Muqumiy str., Tashkent, 98а

Ferghana region

712000, Ferghana, st. Oltin Kuz 4a

8-373 224-9778

Khorezm region

740000, Urgench, st. Al-Khorezmi, 27

8-362 226-6329,226-6650

Tashkent city

Muqumiy str., Tashkent, 98а,

8-371 268-0949,235-9068

Functions Duties

  • verification of the established procedure of the gas transportation organizations, regional gas supply companies on the prevention of the use of gas for other purposes without permission and identify the connected gas-powered equipment used by consumers of gas (except population), regardless of ownership;

  • participation in the development of cooperation with the relevant ministries, agencies and other bodies of rules for use by consumers of petroleum products, natural and liquefied gas, rules and regulations for the design, construction, operation, and adjustment of gas-consuming installations, process oil and gas facilities, gas stations, CNG stations and gas stations;

  • Issuance of design specification in terms of the efficient use of gas;

  • Check the projects of construction, reconstruction, technical re-equipment and supply fuel-consuming enterprises (units), process oil and gas facilities, gas stations, CNG stations and gas stations;

  • issuance of a permit for companies and organizations, regardless of their form of ownership, the right of the start-up and mode adjustment work at gas-powered equipment;

  • organization and implementation of a systematic study on the effective use of oil and gas industries;

  • Participation in the development and implementation of energy conservation measures, programs and projects on the management of oil and gas;

  • State control and supervision of the rational and efficient use of oil and gas in supervised facilities;

  • qualitative and quantitative preservation of petroleum products in companies and organizations that have neftesklady and gas stations;

  • compliance with established processes and state of the process equipment in the operation of oil and gas industry for the extraction, processing, transportation and storage of oil, petroleum products, natural gas, liquefied, compressed gas and gas condensate;

  • compliance with the construction and installation organizations, constructing oil and gas industry, the requirements of the rules and regulations regarding maintenance of their installed production processes;





Agzamov Nodir Takhirovich


Monday, Wednesday


Mahmoudov Najim Islamovich

Deputy Chief

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday


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