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Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan

67, Nukus street, Tashkent, 100015, Uzbekistan

Phone number: +99871 232-6500
The website: www.mineconomy.uz
E-mail info@mineconomy.uz
Region Address: Telephone E-mail
The Republic of Karakalpakstan 742003, Nukus, str A.Dosnazarov 97 (0-361) 222-32-98 mineconomrk@freemail.uz qoraqalpogiston@mineconomy.uz
Andijan region 710000, Andijan, str Navoi shokh, 126 (0-374) 223-20-54 iqtisodiyot@andijon.uz


Bukhara region 200118, Bukhara, I.Muminov 1 (0-365) 223-53-83 econsvod@inbox.uz


Jizzakh region 708000, JIzzakh, str Sh.Rashidov 64 (0-372) 226- 07-91 jizzaxibb@inbox.uz


Kashkadarya region 180100, Karshi, str Mustakillik 2 (0-375) 221-12-21 qashqadaryo@mineconomy.uz
Navoi region 210100, Navoi, Khalklar Dustligi 77A (0-436) 223-60-79 navoiy@mineconomy.uz
Namangan region 160136, Namangan, str A.Khujayev 59 (0-369) 226-21-38 namangan@mineconomy.uz
Samarkand region 104157, Samarkand, Koksaroy arena 1 (0-366) 235-73-94 samarkandeconomy@samarkand.uz


Surkhandarya region 190100, Termez, str At-Termiziy arena 2 (0-376) 223-47-27 surxecon@inbox.uz


Syrdarya region 707000, Gulistan, str Mustakillik 35 (0-367) 225- 35-36 sir-economy@inbox.uz


Tashkent region 700047, Tashkent, str Movorounnakhr 15 (0-371) 236-29-10 jamlamatv@inbox.uz


Ferghana region 150100, Ferghana, str Navoi 17 (0-373) 244-11-90 fargona@mineconomy.uz
Khorezm region 220100, Urgench, Al-Khorazmiy 23 (0-362) 226-66-26 khorezm_ed@inbox.uz


Tashkent city 100000, Tashkent, str A.Temur shokh 3 (0-371) 233-76-19 jammir@inbox.uz


Functions Duties

  • Organizing and coordinating the development of a well-thought strategy to further reform and sustainable, balanced development of the economy, the development of an effective mechanism for the implementation of economic policies based on market practices and tools;

  • organization and coordination of the development of short-and medium-term forecasts, and socio-economic development of the country by regions, industries and sectors, ensuring the efficient use of natural, mineral resources, industrial, scientific, technological and labor potential, which has the country;

  • Implementation of a comprehensive, systematic analysis of the level of economic and social situation of the republic, in-depth analysis of key macroeconomic indicators, trending social and economic development, the identification of existing imbalances in the economy and justification of the ways of their elimination, the preparation of annual and quarterly reports on the state of economic development of the republic, as well as monitoring the performance received by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan decisions on the development and reform of the economy;

  • implementation of the development of the annual multiple scenarios of the economy, the most important cost, material and labor balances, substantiation of ways and methods for sustainable, dynamic and balanced development of the economy;

  • participation and preparation of proposals for the common areas of fiscal, monetary, exchange rate, price and competition policy, improvement of the mechanism of regulation of prices and tariffs for products, goods and services, formation and control of the implementation of payment, financial and material balances;

  • ensuring macroeconomic stability, sustainable, balanced and dynamic economy;

    formation of a mixed and a well-functioning economy, providing leadership on private property, the development of market infrastructure;

  • implementation of a purposeful structural policies aimed at effective and efficient use of abundant natural and mineral resources, the existing production and scientific-technical potential, the development of export potential and to ensure the integration of the national economy into the world economy;

  • the creation of new jobs, the problem of rational employment of labor, strengthening targeted social protection, sustainable and steady growth in living standards and the development of social infrastructure;

  • ensuring the proportional and integrated economic development of the regions of the country, the optimal and efficient development and distribution of productive forces on the territory of the republic.

Full name Position Days of reception Time
Khodjayev Botir Asadillayevich Minister Tuesday 15:00-16:00

Bekenov Sunatilla Khusanovich

First Deputy Minister Wednesday 10:00-11:00

Mirzayev Mubin Muxitdinovich

First Deputy Minister

Thursday 08:00-11:00

Asamov Dilshod Damirovich

Deputy Minister Monday 08:00-11:00

Ortiqov Akmalkhon Jurakhonovich

Deputy Minister Friday 15:00-17:00
Vacant Deputy Minister Tuesday 15:00-17:00
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