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Uztextile Industry

20-A, A. Avloniy str., Tashkent, 100100, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone number: +99871 202-22-44
+99871 202-22-99
The website: www.uzts.uz
E-mail info@uzts.uz
Functions Duties

  • Identification of promising strategies for sustainable development of the industry;

  • produce competitive in domestic and international product markets, with a view to improving the quality and reducing the cost of all production stages - from production of yarn to finished products;

  • joint ventures with foreign partners, small in size, compact plants, as well as all possible assistance in matters of privatization and light industry enterprises to private ownership, while avoiding the creation of large-scale and are not adapted to market conditions bulky enterprises;

  • Implementation of technical re-equipment and modernization of existing production, referring to the progressive introduction of modern equipment and technology;

  • depth study of the experiences of countries with a leading position in the global market in the field of light industry, and marketing research, paying particular attention to the development of the export potential of the sector and the promotion of goods in foreign markets;

  • introduction of the industry's latest information and communication technologies, the provision of information services to businesses and organizations, the implementation of intensive promotional activities, as well as the organization of exhibitions and fairs of products, including abroad;

  • training, retraining and skills development.

  • Implementation of market research domestic and foreign markets, the study and prediction of the dynamics of demand for textile goods, knitwear, clothing and porcelain industry;

  • ensuring saturation of the consumer market of the country with high-quality domestic products of light industry, are in demand of the population;

  • enhancing the export potential of the industry, the full capacity of production enterprises of competitive products and promote their organization to the world markets;

  • Extend and improve the comprehensive utilization of cotton, other local sources of raw materials, development of manufacture of spare parts and accessories, imported at present on imports;

  • Conduct the industry a unified technical and investment policy, the promotion of co-operation of the textile, knitwear and garment industry, localization of production in the densely populated areas of the country;

  • wide attraction of foreign direct investment for the introduction of modern technologies, the development of production of new products, modernization and technical re-equipment of the industry;

  • Promotion of enterprises in market reforms, the training and skills development.





Ilkhom Khaydarov Utkurovich

Chairman of the Board


8:00 -11:00

Alikhanov Bakhodir Davronovich

First Deputy Chairman of the Board


14:00 -18:00

Jumaniyazov Fakhruddin Tokhirovich

Deputy Chairman of the Board


14:00 -18:00

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