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Private Joint-Stock Bank “Trustbank”

7 Navoi Street, Shaykhontokhurskiy District, City of Tashkent, 100011, Uzbekistan.100011,

Phone number: +998 71 140-00-88
The website: http://www.trustbank.uz/
E-mail info@trustbank.uz
Region Address Telephone E-mail

Operating Branch

7 Navoi Street, Shaykhontokhur District, City of Tashkent, 100011, Uzbekistan.

(+99871) 239-36-47

(+99897) 749-92-99


"Tashkent" Branch

11a Bunedkor Street, Block E, Chilanzar District, City of Tashkent, 100043, Uzbekistan.

(+99871) 277-06-33

(+99890) 319-69-33


Yakkasaray branch

1-B, Urikzar Street, 3-passage, city of Tashkent, 100100, Uzbekistan.

(+99871) 255-37-56

(+99890) 323-09-17


"Darkhan" branch

Khamid Alimdjan Square, West side, house 5 "B", Mirzo Ulugbek District, City of Tashkent,100000, Uzbekistan,

(+99871) 237-03-25


Namangan Branch

1 Khotira Street, City of Namangan, 160130, Uzbekistan

(+99869) 232-78-53


Termez Branch

16”B” Yunus Rajabiy Street City of Termez, 190112, Uzbekistan

(+99876) 221-84-50


Andijan Branch

45, Lermontova Street, City of Andijan, 170100, Uzbekistan

(+99874) 226-69-34

(+99894) 105-50-22


Samarkand branch

43, Said Rizo Khoshimov Street, City of Samarkand 140130, Uzbekistan

(+99866) 237-73-41

(+99891) 529-81-18


Karshi branch

1 a, Uzbekistan Street, city of Karshi, 180106, Uzbekistan

(+99875) 227-25-25

(+99890) 442-00-86


Fergana branch

8, Marifat Street, city of Fergana, 150117, Uzbekistan

(+99873) 244-40-19

(+99893) 646-07-00

Functions Duties

1. Mediation in credit by mobilizing and providing loans, reducing risks and uncertainties in the economic system.

2. Participation in the process of stimulating savings to the economy by creating attractive conditions for deposits and ensuring the security of the invested funds.

3. Implementation of cash settlements and payments, expansion of the list of banking products and services through the introduction of modern technological solutions.

4. Implementation of activities in the securities market.

5. Advising and providing economic and financial information.

1. Facilitating effective development of the country's economy, ensuring the interests of clients and shareholders' incomes, wide service and high service culture.

2. Ensuring the formation of a sufficient amount of financial resources in accordance with the development objectives defined in the forthcoming period.

3. Ensuring the most effective use of the formed amount of financial resources. Optimize the distribution of the formed amount of resources taking into account the strategic objectives of the bank's development and the level of return on the funds invested.

4. Effective management of the receipt and expenditure of funds, ensuring the synchronization of the volume of attraction and allocation of resources, maintaining liquidity.

5. Ensuring the maximization of profit at the envisaged level of financial risk by effectively managing active and passive operations, involving borrowed funds, selecting the most effective lines of business.

6. Ensuring minimization of the level of financial risk at the envisaged level of profit through diversification of the loan portfolio, investment portfolio, prevention and prevention of financial risks.

7. Ensuring a permanent financial balance of the bank, which is characterized by a high level of financial stability and solvency and is ensured by the formation of an optimal structure of capital and assets, effective proportions in the volumes of the formation of resources from various sources.

Full name Position Days of reception Time
Khadjizadaev Sherzod Rafatovich Chairman of the Board Everyday 08:00 till 11:00
Samarkhodjaev Furkat Irkinovich First Deputy Chairman of the Board Everyday 08:00 till 11:00
Davydenko Nikolay Yrevich Deputy Chairman of the Board Everyday 08:00 till 11:00
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