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 Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Uzpromstroybank”

3, Shahrisabz str., Tashkent, 100000, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone number: +99871 120-4501; 120-4502
The website: www.uzpsb.uz
E-mail info@uzpsb.uz





The Republic of Karakalpakstan

Nukus str. A. Shohmurodova, 117a

(0-361) 780-01-01

(0-371) 141-71-01

Andijan region

Andijan, st. Boburshoha 36

(0-374) 235-31-08

Bukhara region

Bukhara, st. B. Nakshband, 257a

(0-365) 223-48-59

Jizzakh region

Kashkadarya region

Karshi Hanabad Highway 2a

(0-375) 223-06-83

Navoi region

Navoi. Architects Street, 7

(0-436) 224-50-71

Namangan region

Namangan, Dustlik Prospect, 19

(0-369) 234-32-90

Samarkand region

Samarkand, st. Mirzo Beaubourg, 3a

(0-366) 233-75-69

Surkhandarya region

Termez, st. A. Navoi, 45a

(0-376) 224-26-90

(0-376) 224-26-89

Syrdarya region

Gulistan Street. A. Navoi, 48

(0-367) 225-07-40

(0-371) 150-13-84

Tashkent region

Tashkent, Abay street, 10a

(0-371) 244-56-10

(0-371) 244-50-05

Ferghana region

Fergana, st. Comus, 42

(0-373) 224-85-03

Khorezm region

Urgench, st. Bahadyrhana, 183

(0-362) 226-10-16

Tashkent city

Tashkent, Mustakillik Street, 5

(0-371) 140-66-02

(0-371) 140-66-05

(0-371) 144-66-07

Functions Duties

  • Control over compliance with the requirements of the cash transactions by business entities of all forms of ownership;

  • Active participation and its capital raised in the process of structural transformation, modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of production, especially in the basic industries of the republic, the selection and implementation of promising and highly efficient investment projects.

  • providing project finance modernization programs, reconstruction, technical and technological renovation of production of oil and gas, chemical, electric power, electronics, and other leading industries;

  • attracting co-financing for investment projects needed credit, including from international capital markets, through the widespread introduction of syndicated lending and stimulate foreign investment and loans.

Full name Position Days of reception Time

A.B. Voitov

Acting the Chairman Friday 8:00-11:00
- First deputy Chairman Monday, Friday


Sh.I.Yakubov Deputy Chairman Monday, Friday


O.P. Almardanov

Deputy Chairman Monday, Friday


A.A.Karimov Monday, Friday


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