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Total number of offered services 96.
Creating a single database of citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan9704Vote
Creation of a hotline telephone for protection of consumer rights8395Vote
Automated reception, registration and processing of applications for admission to preschool, general and specialized secondary education93Information about the service
Creating a program for the integration of accounting reports and outlets7713Vote
Online filling out of forms for notarization in the process of purchase and sale of property9490Vote
Creating a database of books8977Vote
Online sales of railway tickets10079Vote
Create on a Single portal the hotline telephones of AK Uztransgaz, Tashteploenergo and the Department of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance5724Vote
Simplifying the registration process on the websites of public agencies when submitting proposals8756Vote
Online confirmation of work experience and obtaining archival information4223Information about the service
Establish work around the clock help desk 8 (371) 140 00008917Vote
Online monitoring of issue of gas, water and electricity on the website9748Vote
Provision of public services across the country11771Vote
Online booking and purchase of air and railway tickets9505Vote
Introduction to the portal functional of online viewing the personal account and pay for the used gas 8527Vote
Creating a double payment for urgent preparation of documents9265Vote
Launch on a Single portal transactional services through a CLICK system9802Vote
Creating on a Single portal platform for discussing the draft of legal documents10809Vote
Legislative fixing instructions and rules of submitting appeals7768Vote
Online conference on users’ appeals8053Vote
Filing appeals to the prosecuting authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan10794Vote
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