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Proposed services
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Total number of offered services 96.
Automated reception, registration and processing of applications for admission to preschool, general and specialized secondary education93Information about the service
Electronic filing of forms, applications and applications for biometric passports656Information about the service
Automating the process of registering a new company717Information about the service
Electronic submission of an application for employment740Information about the service
Introduction of "electronic turn" on appointments to the public agencies781Information about the service
Electronic turn to change passports791Information about the service
Online confirmation of work experience and obtaining archival information4223Information about the service
Create on a Single portal the hotline telephones of AK Uztransgaz, Tashteploenergo and the Department of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance5725Vote
Interactive consultation on appeals7304Vote
Automated issuance of references about the absence of debt on housing and communal services7616Vote
Creating a program for the integration of accounting reports and outlets7714Vote
Legislative fixing instructions and rules of submitting appeals7768Vote
Create a website for online screening questionnaires for highway code7781Vote
Online payment of fines for traffic violations7906Vote
Online conference on users’ appeals8054Vote
Creating online translator from Uzbek to Russian language8104Vote
Creation of a hotline telephone for protection of consumer rights8395Vote
Create registry of certificates for cryptographic protection of information8516Vote
Introduction to the portal functional of online viewing the personal account and pay for the used gas 8528Vote
Automation interagency interaction to receive the references for individuals and legal entities8565Vote
Simplifying the registration process on the websites of public agencies when submitting proposals8757Vote
Establish work around the clock help desk 8 (371) 140 00008917Vote
Creating websites for Tashteploenergo and Tashgorgaz8924Vote
Creating a database of books8977Vote
Add to category of housing and communal services reception of applications and appeals from individuals and legal entities9049Vote
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