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"Money circulation" - What is a PIN, how it can be changed and what you need to know to ensure the safety and security of your funds?

PIN - personal identification number of the holder of a credit card, certifying the right of disposal of funds on card account.
Holder independently assigns a plastic card below these PINs:
BOD operating mode «Off-line»:
first PIN - to withdraw funds from credit card;
second PIN - by crediting of a plastic card.
BOD operating mode «On-line»:
PIN only - entitles manage the funds, accounted for card account.
PIN code can be changed in the servicing bank or through kiosks , ATMs and terminals.
Information about the PIN code is confidential, so spread the information about it is not recommended. Plastic card holder must remember the passwords assigned to them by heart, do not need to write them down on a plastic card or other items that are usually kept with the card. You can not report a PIN to others, including bank employees. If you suspect that someone knows your password, you should immediately change them either through self-service terminal or through an ATM or through settlement terminal.
If the holder to reveal the password and / or transferred to a third party card in violation of the terms of the Agreement, in which case he shall be liable for all the transactions that can be conducted.

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