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News » Issuance of archival information confirming salary and length of service through the Single interactive state services

Increasingly, the Single interactive state services pleases the users with novelties. the Single interactive state services developers together with the Agency "Uzarhiv" were developed and launched two services applying for issuing certificates confirming salary and length of service.

The overwhelming proportion of necessary documents related to the archives, which store information about our places of work and wages. And the desire to receive help from the archive was one of the leading proposals for the development.

For help on the former place of work go to single portal online government services my.gov.uz, are authorized, select the unit "Archive".

The first step - specify your user type: natural or legal person. The second step - enter passport details - if you still do not have the status of Passport ID. If there is a status, then immediately proceed to the next step. You must enter the name of the organization, a certificate of which you want to receive, and to indicate the years in which you have worked in this organization.

After that, your appeal is taken in the work of the archive. Not later than 30 days after you receive a call or you get to the post office a letter stating when and where you can get help. Her need to appear in person and with a passport. The service operates on the territory of Uzbekistan.

This is only the beginning, ideally, of course, we should not be help between organizations , these data must be transferred automatically, without our involvement. Much is being done in this direction ( imagine how much coordination and organizational issues to change the operating mode to bring the data to the same format , etc., etc. ) in stages, as the solution of technical and organizational issues.

As always - it is important to receive users aid while testing, detection of errors, advice and wishes.



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