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News » Seminar on the single portal and El.Pochty.Uz. Photo essay (contest participants)

Seminar - a round table devoted to the Unified portal online public services (my.gov.uz) and email uMail.Uz.s successfully held September 27, 2013 in the conference hall «Ko'rgazma savdo markazi». It was organized by the exhibition UZINFOCOM ICTEXPO- 2013 .
Roundtable leading steel made presentations :

Nozimjon Dalibaev - Chief of information provision and development of Government Portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the Internet (Group GOV.UZ);
Alican Nazarov - Chief Specialist Group Information Support and Development of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan portal on the Internet (Group GOV.UZ);
Eugene Sklyarevsky - Leading Specialist Resource Center Education Network ZiyoNET, known blogger Uznet .
In their speeches noted that today there has been much discussion on the subject of why you need to e-government, as far as it will increase the efficiency of government agencies with the public and business entities and facilitate the provision of various services.
During the discussions, roundtable participants tried together to find answers to the above questions and to clarify the existing problems Roundtable was held in a businesslike and constructive atmosphere . All guests of the seminar had the opportunity to ask their questions on the work of the One portal and give its recommendations and observations , as well as to meet and talk with experts in the development and implementation of e-government and e-mail uMail.uz.
Successful proposals were taken into account for the implementation of projects of the Centre. Authors of the most interesting questions and constructive proposals awarded souvenirs from Center UZINFOCOM.
As a participant in this exciting activities , I asked the following question :- As is well known in the formulation of recommendations for the introduction taken into account best international experience in this field ( e-government ) to the local context , and especially in this area. What it is and how it was found , taking into account "the golden mean " or " golden ratio " of their harmonious combination and found there "panacea" ? What is "highlight ", " stumbling block " and "human face" formed electron Uzbek government , which is intended to become the vital link between the community and leaders of different ranks to accelerate the processes of solving important and urgent tasks of deepening further progressive reforms .
It should be noted that our people and country has a rich tradition and invaluable experience in solving such problems ...
Since Uzbekistan for centuries , from the time of operation of the Silk Road , and long before he served as the crossroad of civilizations and bridge between them! On its fertile land and crossed lived and live in peace and friendship different people ! With this here formed a special positive and creative energy and atmosphere, which is a catalyst for processes and mutual interpenetration of ideas and like the most valuable experience.
... and outlined a constructive recommendations :
I propose to create scientific information- analytical center to collect the most valuable suggestions and recommendations , and the creation of the Bank of continuous replenishment of their data , including through the establishment of its Internet portal ( with his editors) aimed at solving these problems and improve communication between the public and stakeholders , as well as timely information about their decision and popularization of the system through the internet, media , radio, TV .
To their process, summarize and analyze , through the use of advanced technologies and achievements, including the methods of "brainstorming" to make recommendations on the establishment of a mechanism to ensure effective work for the rapid and uninterrupted reform in this sector , as well as the formation of productive , creative environment to prepare a new generation of frames.
This center should be formed as a kind of analogue of the " Silicon Valley ." It must be equipped with high-tech equipment , sufficient financial resources , including using along with state support in this sphere of the patrons and sponsors ( with the establishment of preferential tax treatment based on best international experience ) , to accelerate solving tasks, and to staff on an ongoing selection , contract-based highly intelligent professionals and researchers with extensive experience popularizers and other professional skills needed to advance this field of activity , using the world's best achievements , best practices and high-tech , etc. ( The list goes on and modify ) .
Sergey Savchuk - Kurbanov
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