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News » Boating "electronic government" in people ... or ... when and how sozreem themselves (ie society) for a constructive dialogue with EPIGU? ... (Contest participants)

Instead of introducing ...
For a start I suggest : - Declare contests - the best page , blog , poster, youth direction in the youth movement , etc. Under the motto : You giknuty " boom " (aka blogger ) enlisted ... ? .. in the zone "combat" action aid " rusty teapot " - nick ! We - that is, the elderly ! In mastering the intricacies .... and subtleties of establishing contacts with EPIGU ? Al urgently instruct all without exception vsyakishnogo : - shoot on mobilki videos on entu theme for TV programs such as " do not play " with the heading " And you weak? " Or post them on YouTube il on various other popular tyrnet resources.
Yes isho ... let them zastavlyut in nurseries , kindergartens, schools, colleges , high schools and universities and courses held spets.fakultativy , holidays (even Christmas , etc.) and organize contests introduction entogo useful things in theirs Gisenyi and consciousness ... Whatever day night or an hour or a minute, or second, or ... sigh nor poluvzdohe ... They do not give a break ... Here's How! And only and nothing else! Even there any instructors invite meditation on entu theme for total immersion in entu atmosphere .... ....- Here, here ... And let enti channels, spinogryzov ... ( zadolbali finally , its simplicity ... ) ozabotyutsya Rodak training and other old ... - you say, my dear companions on the " plight " and " sore long " position in the old as time and relationships neponyatkah "fathers and children," ... and you're right ... in his own way ...- As if , here , to get them to " Shock - it's our way! " Happened ? ... Yes adrenalinchik , .., ... more ... adrenalinchik add so much , her eyes rolled back and other "bear sickness" happened ... - rubbing his hands anticipation , attend to other "well-wishers " ....- A Cho , not just from home hochut bucket with garbage bear , for bread, for al products for pipiroskami , cigarette ... and run to the store , al home on the farm to help , dishes, wash the floor , bed tuck , dust and wipe learning lessons , and even learn .... and then buy them mobile, smartphone , tablet PCs and other gadgets , and "iron" , and they bury them in the nose and finally .... can not get them out of their ... unreal unreality ... and not communicate hochut type ... such advanced, nick - yuzanutye ... And talk about? ... Because I want to ... And behold , it happened in our time .... - think nostalgic , many of us ....Long thought "how to get started " to somehow hook ... wrote and rewrote many pages all nonsense , crumpled paper and threw in the trash ... So romantic could wrap ... ezhelib , I did not publish all of this , by the way say nonsense and turbidity for Claudia PC .... And , behold , isho thought and thought and thought and thought ... many reasoned arguments faq kept going ... and ... tossed whole "roof" itself littered ... I almost did not carry ... Long, long I suffered pangs of disquiet ... cares ... and that's " day X" , to the most that neither is the deadline ... I got up at 3:33 am as ochumely night ( which is very symbolic , mind you ... ) , shit in general, and .... razrodilsya dawned ... in general ... what happened .... In general I am sorry, if that is not so ... " Chukchi " (I myself , do not get wrong) , yet not a writer .... Or maybe just to " loser " ....But it turned out ... Ali Cho and how? You be the judge ... my dear , inquisitive readers and chitatelshi ... And if we do not start , at least , that's it .... What they say ...In earlier times, in the fairy tale affects how people in the right rulers " walked " to learn the truth , so to speak , of the first -hand information about bureaucratic delays , which for centuries have suffered and are suffering different structures in all countries, so as to solve ozabochivayas tasks varying degrees of complexity ... and that justice is done ....Simply put, our ancestors thought about how to create an effective mechanism to communicate with the people, for the speedy solution of its immediate and daily vital issues that they do not have time to grow into a problem ...In " noneshnie " times everything was on the one hand - much easier since, and until we reached the wonders of foreign technologies in the form of "electronic government" ... and on the other , stereotypes are activated and the brakes ... and how to overcome them ! If no practice , including communicating ... which , i.e. " Practice - " as you know, " - makes perfect " is .... " What to Do "! And the question is , again , again, and classical rhetorical ... And we, as it were , not Chernishevsk ...You're just accustomed these "miracles " to use .... Since there is no experience in the formation of such habits .... Or will we wait until we all sozreem ? For such acts .... ...And it is clear to everyone that we are its unique way, taking into account best international experience and also know that is not always a straight path - the fastest and short in achieving results ...Digression :And the officials , meanwhile , have already ... still not asleep , full gotovyutsya a massive offensive against the national EPIGU , courses and seminars vsyakishye prohodyut , for example, " on the implementation and effective functioning of the " e-Government " and ... and not only are in capital, but also in all regions , up to everyone, even the most remote district khokimiyats ....To be, so to speak, "fully armed " .... Yes, and different centers with experts do not sleep any prog develop and regularly , almost every day , introduce and offer ... something or STE .... Just list all the STE tired .... And then here you are , for example, ...- "New archival services " to obtain certificates on a single portal online government services.- and then "To EPIGU connected organizations and institutions of the ICT sector " and tapericha " In the organization of communication and information can be accessed through EPIGU "- And then , everything possible is done and done " to receive and investigate complaints of citizens within EPIGU- It is also reported that " As part of the further development of the Unified portal online government services - my.gov.uz and provide new opportunities and facilities to the population, to a single portal connected to the Cabinet of Ministers. " Etc. etc.- And recently it became known that the " training center " Electronic Government " Tashkent University of Information Technologies opened its first training course on the implementation and effective functioning of the " e-Government ", organized for government officials ."***And yet, as , without repeating the truths that everyone knows ... not to step in once again on the same .... And faq is all I persuade you , if all so smart .... Only use not want and do not know how all STEM ... why th -that ...It turns out , as the ancient people used to say that "in a lot of knowledge - a lot of grief ..."And the exit where? And , suddenly , - " under the nose "? And this ....Unique resource with excellent potential ...- And it is - the younger generation !It remains only to find ways to download their attics, those prog , which when used will give the desired results .... for the common good ...Let us , at least , remember to start from the course curriculum that : - What is the efficiency ?And how to create a driver in the public consciousness and understanding with the ancestors of advanced mladezhi , which will give a mind-blowing rezalty Protsakh efficiency ?And how sagitnut primarily young and "advanced" everyman , playing the role of a fairy-tale " Baba Yaga hut on chicken legs ", " which is always against ", not " lapshegonstvom " engage in social networks , and in turn these skills benefit of a favorite , the elderly and their relatives of the same age neighbors who " are not used to ishche STEM " creature comforts ....Recently read tyrnete as one granny by granddaughter , wrote and published a book by the name appears as " A Guide for Dummies rusty ... " to advance to the user level in this area and the PC of their peers ....So now you wonder over how to draw their attention to these issues and how to ask : " Turn around, please , to his eldest and - fronted " Before , and the forest ... " .... another place that is ...That they , ie descendants ... reacted properly and not just considered " Rodak " and senior "backward generation" - meaning , including in terms of communicating with gadgets ....Harness that ( enti miracles hostile technology ) most elderly do not have time , mood or financial opportunities to acquire the necessary " snap " and to drag them to the Internet cafe, so even this can be no question ....Become God's sake , at least for a short time , volunteers and give all the " suffering of justice" to fill out an application form , application sites EPIGU , khokimiyats and komunala .... Who " tapericha " as it may seem strange , open for business and constructive dialogue .... But the bulk of opponents, as it turns out , is not ripe ....So what do we do our dear " brothers and sisters ", " sons and daughters ", " grandchildren and granddaughter ?" Help eldest ? Ali?Here it is, where it can be hidden importance and relevance , is still possible , " nepahannoe field" - job - order for the new " temurovtsev " present " komolotovtsev " , if, in their program have the same or similar problems .... As they say : " Everything is new - well forgotten old "!Maybe it really worth it to organize volunteer movement among young people under the slogan : "New technologies in the life of the older generation with the help and assistance of youth " or " Help older ( Ali " rusty kettle ") - master miracles " hostile " art" !For example , there are fun ... their cars glued on glass - a triangle with black tea in a red rim ! What do you mean - driving " pot" ! And that also " mossy " - means !Surely there we have a great folk tradition by sharing experience of the older generation - younger " Ustoz Islands shogird " - " Master and disciple" ... And they say that " it is bad master who is not surpassed his disciples !" And then like the same thing , but, to the contrary - the young master and elderly Gadzhetist Apprentice !Maybe now is the same, the times - " People cry click " to our children advanced End grandchildren " ganged up " on social networks and not only , including all training , as an elective or special - rate or clubs in the interests of , for so all the necessary assistance ... Then the reasons for the communication will be more ...
I already leitmotif of conversations and interviews with experts in this field began gush in his " reflections on the theme " in the region, so coveted them, constructive recommendations ....For the same, we would like to deal zavnedrilos entoe all happened , and that's when we'll live ... in nastoyashchemu ... in the universal understanding ... prosperity ... etc. etc.Poyasnilovka to one word in the beginning of the article : People who are keen technologies (especially information ), and especially different gadgets , today called geeks . Indeed, it has become very fashionable everywhere and always carry a gadget and be around the clock on the web.
Regards,Your true and sincere friend Sergei , aka Savchuk aka Kurbanov ....And finally is such an article if propustyut jury for the competition " ... the best article on a single portal online public services ( EPIGU ) "M / S. - Wait , or better not to wait or continue ...If I want to, then read what I'm there for isho navymuchival entuyu Thread ...See large "brick" - the text below:Or is - in another part of ...
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