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News » "How important it is to be heard!" Fantastic event (participants of the contest)

It was in X, Y. country Year 2XXX modern calendar .
The city dorm woke up early in the morning. For breakfast people read the news on a small flat screen lying on the tea table . Was off, and there was nowhere to hurry . The doorbell rang . " - You have a debt for electricity - said on the other side - the door. Do not forget to pay . "
- Always - said the man , right now , and will pay .
Nestled in an easy chair , he pressed a finger at several points all the same small screen.
There was history and charges .
- Yeah ... - muttered the man - actually forgot to pay . Yes, and it's time for a pay phone , and for water and heating, and housing, and other benefits ...
Do you think people jumped up, got dressed and hurried to stand in line in different offices to make payment? But no . It yesterday. So it was before . Man , not getting out of the chair , in the early morning , right on the tiny screen , from which he was reading the newspaper , a few taps of your fingers undertook all the necessary payments .
Acts committed by a person set up a business footing. He remembered that it was necessary to apply to a school for her son , get information on their previous jobs , make an order for a couple of books in the main library , take a wife for confirmation of its instrument of strengthening skills and choose a college for the eldest daughter .
Hour of time spent on the people all these things without getting up from his chair , solving their problems only with your fingers on a small flat screen. It seemed that he coped with everything , as I remembered that yesterday in his bank for an hour chasing the offices before making the desired transfer day , post it rude manager at a toy store refused to refund the money for expensive designer defective and heating devices in the apartment worked poorly despite all the complaints in court.
The man had no vital position weak . Active ! He was not going to forgive offenders abusing their consumer rights . The man went back to his screen. Re moving fingers touching points on the screen. Rrraz - and sent an application to the Association of Banks , two - and flew complaint in the Post Office , three - and described the situation for the consumer committee , four - and went to the website story about the ordeal with heating.Instantly come to the phone messages that all submitted statements taken into consideration . The man smiled . Now there will be order . Well, it seemed , and all. Cases completed , and ahead of the long weekend . You can go walk around the city .
Man dressed pocketed a small phone . That magical site where people spent the morning was now always with him. Now on your phone. It was there that he learned about it the right transport route that reached the old park . Then the man took a long walk around the city. He loved his city X, and was very upset when the city was something wrong . Along the way he often removed his phone back on the magical site. He managed to tell where an open manhole on the road, the lack of ballot boxes in a cozy little park on a pile of trash on the side of a city street . Man was glad at heart. Because when he came home , the door was already neatly closed and two workers were loading the car ugly bunch of garbage . And the phone rang and someone thanked him for the message about the urn, and said that tomorrow will be an urn already in place. Again the bell rang and he was told that his house had already appeared in time team of repairmen to fix his heating.
" What a nice day - thought people from X, country Y, 2XXX , the modern calendar . - What a nice site. What are good all the same people . They will need to send thanks from the site. And do not forget to announce that part of the road near the house , the lighting does not work. There's probably not aware of. Let them come , include .
How important to know that at any moment you have where and whom to ask - he went on to argue , - How , after all , it is important to be heard. And as is well aware of themselves as part of the city. Meaningful and significant. "That's thinking man from X, country Y, year 2XXX, who always carried a magical site on its tiny screen ....
You probably also would like everything to be like him. Jealous ? But why?
People from our fantastic story lives on a nearby street with you , in the city of Tashkent. And his country called Uzbekistan , his year - 2013th in the Gregorian calendar . After all, do you have screen no matter what: computer , notebook, netbook , tablet , smartphone whether a mobile phone? Then it's small - for a magical site. So he 's -my.gov.uz! Only reason you still do not use it !
My.gov.uz long been working. Want - utilities , internet and telephone are payable want - call the helpline , you want to make any court appeal , you want - get a variety of information . All this from the comfort of your home or office :
Here on utility payments many services - from payment to payment control and costing :
If municipal services you something is wrong , and there can complain to the authorities dozen levels - from your HOA to the Ministry.
Here you will have your personal account where you can go to any inspection authority or controlling body , still not leaving the house :
My.Gov.Uz - it is a huge house with lots of rooms:
Here , on the site, hundreds of sections , each of which are real people who are ready to help you.
Only because that's what the thing : any house comes alive only when it inhabits a lot of people . And as long as we are in this House do not reach our house is not quickened . Until we stop complaining to each other about problems in their own kitchens - problems solutions will not. It's time to stop telling each other how difficult to get a particular certificate , permit or report. It's time to start getting it all in electronic form , with no queues and delays . Civilized way . In electronic form. The site my.gov.uz
Our long story about a man from X - it is not fiction . This is what is happening around us today . This is real life , real women, real services . So do not waste your time. Sign in system ID.Uz, make passport data in your personal account on the site . Begin to solve their problems and challenges right now . Without leaving your home or office.
Large electronic My.Gov.Uz home awaits you!
Waiting for all those who need to be heard ...
Liliya Nikolenko



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