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News » Perspectives provide interactive services business entities on a single portal online public services in Uzbekistan (contest participants)
One of the clearest examples of the effective use of modern information and communication technologies in public administration is an activity open in Uzbekistan Unified portal online government services. Designed to empower users to obtain public services this portal today coordinating procedures for providing 194 online government services provided by 110 different bodies of state power and administration. The site is the constant attention of Internet users , in less than six months of its operation registered about 600,000 calls to its materials and services.
As expected, the life of a single access portal is dynamic and active, it will not " stand still " , the site is constantly evolving, improving quality and expanding range of services presented to them . On one planned for introduction in the near future new services Unified portal online government services we describe in our material.
Important place in the legal practice of business law issues have an effective system of state registration of business entities . Persons registering created economic entities and the general public interested in creating a transparent , effective and fast procedure of state registration of business enterprises. Public interest in this case is to be opened in the country enterprise quickly, without unnecessary hassle and expense could obtain the necessary state registration and concentrate on matters within their immediate economic activity. It is important to registration services provided in one single location, with automatic registration of the subject in all other national regulatory and supervisory authorities ( tax authorities, statistics , etc.).
Analysis of the statement of the problem in the above formulation indicates that the service of the state registration of business entities is the "classical" task effectively solved in the " electronic government" when institutions through the use of a unified information platform and databases offer citizens interactive high-level services .
Service online business registration service is very common all advanced portals public authorities in different countries. Examples can cause registration services portal of the U.S. Government (http://business.usa.gov/start-a-business),

nd Singapore (https://www.psi.gov.sg/NASApp/tmf/TMFServlet?app = RCB-BIZFILE-LOGIN-1B) and many others This service is relevant and Uzbekistan, where according to expert estimates currently operate about 200 000 companies of private business , with annual growth of this number by about 15 % per year. Also significant is the fact that out of the total number of citizens' «call-centre» at the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Uzbekistan a substantial part of them refers to the processes associated with the registration / re-registration of enterprises , as well as obtaining various kinds of authorization documents held by public authorities - more than 30 % , and their share in the total number of applications is growing rapidly .

Automation services the state registration of business entities in the country was carried out in the initial stages in the form of implementation of the " One Stop Shop " opened at public authorities in the field. However , with the development of the national Internet space , increase the level of "e " of the country there is an urgent need to provide this service through the Internet .
Responding to this need , with January 1, 2014 Unified portal of public services is expanding the list of services , and proceeds to provide service users' access to the service state registration of enterprises .
Mechanism of state registration of business entities via the Internet as a service implemented Unified portal of public services in accordance with Presidential Decree of July 18, 2012 № UP - 4455 " On measures to further improve the business environment radically and provide greater freedom of entrepreneurship " and the Resolution Cabinet of Ministers № 312 of 25 November 2013 "On measures to implement the mechanism of state registration of business entities through the Internet ." The service will provide interested parties receive based on the model of constituent documents with interactive design of the constituent documents of the state registration of business entities (except credit institutions ) . Provision of services is based on the use of digital signature technology with parallel representation other related services : registration of a trade name , obtaining TIN of Enterprise and in real time for the receipt of documents of incorporation and the certificate of registration in electronic form , etc.
The process of introducing such a complex and very time-consuming multi- services . Government decision-making determined that the results of the analysis of the service of state registration of business entities in the first quarter of 2014 , relevant ministries and agencies will be required to submit to the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan suggestions for its further improvement . Besides the most immediate accounting practices of the service , and would undoubtedly useful to study international experience in this area, where the main dominant trend is the complexity of the system and the provision of services to businesses throughout the life cycle of their existence.
For example, on a single portal system "Open Government in Australia " in a special section contains all information and services for businesses , including such as : registration of the company and trademark , preferences and special programs for foreign businesses , the full database and on-line control system information about the company, lending opportunities and the participation of enterprises in state programs and procurement , etc. (http://australia.gov.au/people/businesses). On the government website, the Australian Government to provide information support and service business (usp.gv.at / Portal.Node / usp / public) developed and implemented for the management and planning of taxes, customs duties and other BizFile (www.bizfile.gov.sg) section of e-government in Singapore offers 300 electronic services and acts as an information broker for business. Site activity is integrated with the service provision of electronic services of several government agencies: such as Customs, Inland Revenue , etc.
An active part in the development of services to entrepreneurs takes Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan . In the near term plans are projects integrating interactive services provided by the Chamber in electronic form in the relevant sections of the Unified portal of online government services, such as : «sms- payment" , info call-center assistance , legal advice , etc. Entrepreneurs
Further development of a service business on a single portal of public online services will allow Uzbekistan to improve conditions for the activities of businesses , increase the investment attractiveness of the national economy , as well , in turn, increase demand and Gateway in the user environment , its importance in a single system of "electronic government "country.
Zakir Abdullayev , Chief Specialist, Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Uzbekistan


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