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News » New features of the Single interactive state services portal

With each passing day, new features are introduced on the Single portal to create convenience and efficiency for users in interaction with the portal. The "cancel the appeal" is one of those opportunities.

There are cases when you submit an appeal with the aim to find out some information. In this case, the human factor is inventible and it can cause various errors. In order to prevent errors while filing appeals to state bodies, the Single portal developers implemented the new feature of cancellation of mistakenly sent appeals. However, the applicant should try to cancel his address before the organization will take it for processing.

It should be noted that the appeal canceled will be stored in the tab "My applications" in the personal cabinet of the citizen. During this time, the users can use information out of the canceled appeals.

In addition, we inform you that the search function of the portal has been improved in order to satisfy the user’s expectations. Now users of the Single portal can search not only for services, but also for government organizations to get acquainted with the services provided by the public authority. To use this feature, you must define filters on the search menu.

Follow the news on a single portal, to be aware of the implemented new modules and functions.



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