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Russian portal of public services began its work in 2009, when Uzbekistan even thoughts do not arise that can communicate with officials in the distance. I still remember the old blue and red , bulky design of the former site , the heavy , studded with links leading to unknown .
Open it with a foreign IP is not fully possible. Russia is a big , 83 regions , each region at the time had a website with its own design . My mother was a wonderful site Irkutsk cranberry color , with coats of arms and pictures of old hat to Irkutsk .
Then , inspired renewing a passport online , I tried to register on the site in your account to send all the necessary documents . For this action took me exactly two days , with breaks for tea and sleep ( poster tupil , buggy , not open , long thought not recognize CAPTCHA ) to " bump " at the end of the path of the closed door - the password to the cabinet (identification number ) ... sends mail to the city , in the usual envelope. Deadline to receive a password - a month. Given the slowness of the local postal service - then all two. It was easier to hand over documents in person, which I did .
Now I went there to admire the light, stylish design, with large buttons , to understand that our EPIGU made in the same light blue style , enjoy the Russian version for the visually impaired - huge black letters on a white background and the slogan - " Public services as transparent as never! "
Slogan, from the standpoint of poetics , bad , but the meaning and direction to a point. But most of all pleased that Russia this portal became treated as a real working tool , even those who by reason of age or belief does not have access to the Internet. Has become customary . Ask neighbors , children, grandchildren or managers internet cafe to read laws , send help , make an appointment or to complain about the ugliness.
I like the design . Light , spacious , easy and stretched on all the monitors . And most importantly, there is confidence that will become a working tool , and let smart people waving their hands and say, " Pf , in the regions there is no one on the Internet who need it , your electronic portal in the village ? " In the East Siberian region is also not megacities. Basically, towns, villages , stations, and one tower BaykalVestKoma twenty kilometers around . And nothing , earned , with the android phones now at all , despite the fact that he is in the pocket of his jacket or hunting bag.
This is not an argument.
our best
And will be even better when he finished all the rules of usability. Now it is like a picture that wrote two, and imanzhinist abstractionist. Tag cloud in the foreground touches, touches on the job site , all rushing zhadnenko admins on their offspring , according to the principle "We need it too ! ". Not sure about the usefulness of the fields " to offer services ." Since I started to compare the two portal , I would say that in the Russian recently reduced the number of services from 250 to 20. Cut off the excess. Twenty most popular services are working on other services - no more than two or three applications a year , and attention they require as well as constantly working . These 20 cover 80% of the interests of users . Of the most popular - and fines OVIRov .
Well, wait and see . Carry too much - not rebuilt . Favicon would have done, and then the portal as if walking bareheaded left.
And I like that the Russian public services portal has its own magazine in LiveJournal , and Facebook page . Perhaps there are accounts on any social networks. It publishes news portal - new applications for iOS and Android , or offer payment service utilities. Maybe with our EPIGU news is not much, but I would gladly subscribed to a page on facebook . What's new on the portal, Statistics appeals, glitches, bugs and new features .
One interesting complaint from 2866 ti -
Recently there have been a very interesting case , clearly demonstrated the speed and depth of the portal response to complaints filed by citizens of Uzbekistan. Under feybuka " Potrebitel.uz " focused on discussion of goods and services , where I am a moderator , has written a funny , but meanwhile, it is a serious complaint from the point of view of the law and its disorders . It was written with the words employee, certain citizen who decided C. inform the public about the egregious case . Employee witnessed violations of trade rules : the seller gave shoppers try sour cream , opening a jar , and then put it on the shelf in its place.
Imagination immediately drew a picture that we always take the cream in the store, which to us is someone tried. The case has caused serious resonance among consumers. Consumers were horrified . In the theme manager came supermarket chain , for which this case also was a revelation . It is noteworthy that zav.zalami supermarket chains as well read " Potrebitel.uz ." By the arrival of the video control in violation Unwind leadership has been a key point on the supermarket , and the seller has gone through in the morning is not the most pleasant moments in my life. Violation to the person managing honestly about it in the group , and said that the seller made a suggestion . Was held unscheduled training, which once again reminded the staff about trade rules .
But there was another conscious person who does not so easy to leave - citizen N. And he decided to go ahead and file a complaint about this to the portal EPIGU . For the dough - so to speak. At the same time , asked the manager to give him the video in violation .
Here emerges a curious moment. It was interesting to watch from the side , how will a complaint from a third party who had not witnessed the violation. On the one hand it deserved test , very often it happens that many insecure people facing problems often do not find the strength to complain. Will a complaint about the incident from another person who is not a victim ?
On the other hand , nobody wants to once again host the auditors. And network manager just did not want to . But , nevertheless , he sent a video H citizen , who has drawn a complaint to the portal and made a video obtained .
Of course, to get a little weird complaint , and the commission , which has come to understand the supermarket, has not been able to catch the tail recursion , and where it closes and closes it at all . Who , after all, the victim in this story? So we decided to just accept for the fact that violation of the rules of trade happened , the evidence is and nobody hides , do not deny guilt . In this case - was to blame the seller , he was reprimanded . And it's not a toy punishment , as it may seem at first glance. Supermarket chain is a system for staff career promotion , bonuses and incentives. Reprimand - is at a certain time " barrier " for growth and issuance premiums. Let's hope that this case is a supermarket employee regarded as a good , desired lesson.
And we have learned that the portal live , it works , responds to external stimuli , and takes note of all applications , even such unusual .
Reservations EPIGU began working with the first of July 2013. During this time, received 2866 applications are completed in 1882 . That is, the appeals were taken. In order to learn how they have been effective, needs survey , which went to great page in feybuke . While the portal only works form comments .
Already, for many in the capital is gradually becoming commonplace and very convenient. The case for areas for the dissemination of information about the portal as widely as possible .
Worldwide Internet allowed to work , communicate and learn without interfering personally . We also do not necessarily know the officials responsible for the order and our prosperity and the rule of law in the face. And they did not necessarily know . Let there be no distribution of elephants razvirtualizatsii spirits.
The main thing is to get business done .

Author Alexander Ivanyuzhenkov .



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