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News » Press - conference devoted to the activities of the Single interactive state services portal, its achievements and future plans

On January 29, 2014 at the Museum of the History of Communications the press conference organized by the State Committee of communication, information and communication technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan dedicated to activities the Single interactive state services portal (the Single portal), its achievements and future plans was held.

The Single portal was established in accordance with the State program “Year of Welfare and Prosperity” approved by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan approved on 14 February 2013 # PP- 1920, and in order to fulfill the tasks assigned to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan according to the Resolution on December 30, 2012 # 378 "On measures for further improvement of the Governmental Portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Internet, taking into account providing interactive state services". The portal was launched on 1 July 2013.

Currently about 300 state and economic management bodies, as well as local authorities, including regional, district and city khokimiyats.

Now more than 6 thousand appeals sent trough the Single portal. 4,700 (76%) of these were examined, 1510 (24%) are under consideration. 660 appeals (11%) are from legal entities. The average satisfaction score received answers from state bodies evaluated by users of the Single portal are 3.5 points.

In total six thousand applications are divided into these types:

• applications - 59.4%

• offers - 25.8%

• complaints - 14.8%

The most complaints concern activities of public agencies (1907 pcs), on various issues (504 pcs) and housing issues ( 375 pcs. ) .

More than 80% of users prefer to receive responses from the public authorities for their applications by e-mail .

At the Single portal it was realized the possibility for users to assess the responses received from public agencies, as well as to write a comment. You can evaluate the work of public agency on a five-point system. But only about 25.9% of the total number applications were rated by the users.

According to statistics, the most popular public agencies for appeals are the following:

1. Agency " Uzarhiv " – 519 pcs.

2 . Ministry of Internal Affairs – 420 pcs.

3 . Ministry of Justice – 342 pcs.

4 . Khokimiyat of Tashkent city – 324 pcs.

During a press conference the developers demonstrated the services that have been implemented for public and business entities, in particular the following services:

• Online submission of applications for registration of business entities;

• Online application for queuing to get biometric passports;

• Search a job and send s resume;

• Online applications for archival information, etc.

Also the following features the Single portal were demonstrated:

• SMS notification about the status of application;

• to sign application using digital signatures ;

• to rate and comment on responses from public agencies;

• developed a mobile application on Android platform for sending appeals to public agencies.

It should be noted that also Call Center the Single portal was started and operated, it operates from 1 July, 2013. During this time Call Center handled more than 1,000 phone calls from public, as well as the operators of Call Center directed over 50 appeals to public agencies.

In order to ensure the implementation of the tasks set by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A. Karimov at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on 17 January 2014, devoted to the results of socio-economic development in 2013 and the most important priorities of economic program for 2014, as well as in order to create favorable conditions entrepreneurs the works on transition to electronic design permits and licensing procedures, online providing public services, including services on taxation and customs clearance through the Single portal will be continue.

With regard to the further development of the Single portal, it must be noted that, the list of mandatory services to be implemented in 2014 was approved, among them the one can mention the following:

• preparation application for certificate a well condition;

• declaration of business entities of goods at the customs clearance of goods ;

• online appointments to the head of a public agency;

• registration of ownership of legal entities for real estate ;

In general, the press conference assessed the current state of the Single portal, its further development and new interactive public services which will be integrated based on the needs of the population.



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