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News » Online appointments to the head of state body

On a Single portal launched a service that enables people to realize one of the fundamental rights embodied in the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan «About the treatments of citizens» - reception of citizens by the officials.

Users have opportunity to make online appointment to the leadership of public organizations. Thus, if they are not sure what an organization is competent to decide problem, they can search for organizations by spheres or keywords.

In accordance with the Law, the reception of citizens held on fixed days and hours, and the order is determined by the heads of the organizations receiving. In this regard, Single portal offers the user time, based on the established organizations of citizens reception schedules.

It must be emphasized that the new service was in the top of the list of services offered by users to implement on a Single portal in the firstly.

Don’t forget that opinion and the vote of each users of Single portal are important to us. Offer new services, vote and stay tuned for the Single portal!



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Appointments to the leadership of the state body