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Instructions for adding and editing a legal entity

Once electronic digital signature (EDS) is plugged into as well as the "E- imzo" module is installed on user's computer (instructions on the use of electronic signature), in order to add legal entity’s profile the user needs to do the following:

1. Log into the Portal’s account and select "My Account" in the "Cabinet of the user" in the upper right corner of the front page:

2. In the new window in the left column, select "Legal entity":

3. In the "List of user entities" click on "Add new legal entity"

Memo!!! While adding a new profile of a legal entity in user's personal cabinet, issued by the State tax committee of Uzbekistan digital signature must be in a folder called "DSKEYS"

4. In the window "Add new legal entity", after clicking on the "Select EDS" button, select the appropriate legal entity:

5. In the window that appears, select "Legal entity", then click on the name of the legal entity to obtain information:

6. At the bottom of the "Profile of legal entity" page, click on the "Edit" button:

7. Upon the completion of the editing of the data, click on the "Save" button:

Legal entity has been successfully added to the user’s profile and related services of the Single portal is now available for use!

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