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Rating of the sites of the organizations
Rating of the sites according to the version of National information search system WWW.UZ

RatingOverallName of the public authorityWebsiteHostsHitsVoices
7650Center for coordination and development of securities marketwww.csm.gov.uzDiscuss1457417Vote
7724Khokimiyat of Andijan regionwww.andijan.uzDiscuss4457789Vote
7848Supreme Attestation Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.vak.uzDiscuss1568073Vote
7954Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.ima.uzDiscuss1388275Vote
8032"Uzbekneftegaz" (oil & gas)www.uzneftegaz.uzDiscuss2678561Vote
8133Ministry of Agriculture Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.agro.uzDiscuss2569114Vote
8228Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.mvd.uzDiscuss31391613Vote
8330"O`zbekiston Temir yo`llari" Joint Stock Companywww.uzrailway.uzDiscuss2959354Vote
8435Standardization, metrology, certification Agency of Uzbekistanwww.standart.uzDiscuss2509459Vote
8531Ministry of Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.mfer.uzDiscuss2859943Vote
8625Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.minjust.uzDiscuss39799615Vote
8729Khokimiyat of Tashkent citywww.toshkent.uzDiscuss29510164Vote
8837The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for assistance to privatized enterprises and development of competitionwww.gki.uzDiscuss22712236Vote
8926State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.customs.uz Discuss38012266Vote
9023Joint-Stock Commercial Microcreditbankwww.mikrokreditbank.uzDiscuss50813796Vote
9121National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.nbu.comDiscuss52915418Vote
9222Center of secondary special and professional educationwww.markaz.uzDiscuss50815415Vote
9327Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.chamber.uzDiscuss33918083Vote
9418National Library of Uzbekistan named after A.Navoiwww.natlib.uzDiscuss83022654Vote
9515Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.mfa.uzDiscuss99727295Vote
9620Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.ccitt.uzDiscuss539293127Vote
9714Ministry of Employment and labour relations of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.mehnat.uzDiscuss100132778Vote
9819Union of youth of Uzbekistanwww.kamolot.uzDiscuss72633436Vote
9917Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.uzedu.uzDiscuss902350510Vote
10012Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Agrobank”www.agrobank.uzDiscuss106836277Vote
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