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Rating of the sites of the organizations
Rating of the sites according to the version of National information search system WWW.UZ

RatingOverallName of the public authorityWebsiteHostsHitsVoices
101101Open Joint Stock Company "UzKTJM" Uzbek Refractory and heat-resistant metalswww.uzktjm.uzDiscuss151351Vote
103103State Grain inspection at the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.uzddi.uzDiscuss9374Vote
104104Uztextile Industrywww.legprom.uzDiscuss9293Vote
105105 Agency for Science and Technology of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.uzscience.uzDiscuss9190Vote
106106Agency "Uzarhiv" under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.archive.uzDiscuss791Vote
107107The State Inspectorate on Control and Supervision of the technical condition and safety of the largest and most important water economy objects under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.v-nadzor.gov.uzDiscuss370Vote
108108State Inspection on oversight of safe conduct of work in industry, mining and domestic sectors of the Republic of Uzbekistanwww.sgktn.gov.uzDiscuss111Vote
109110Holding company "Fayz"www.fayz.uzDiscuss110Vote
110112Republican Center of Spirituality and Enlightenmentwww.ezgulik.uzDiscuss113Vote
111113Tashkent Mechanical Factorywww.tapc.uzDiscuss110Vote
112109OJSC "Uzvtorsvetmet"www.trmz.uzDiscuss111Vote
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