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Permission for realtor activity
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Description of the service

Realtor carried out by legal entities and individuals. At the same individual - realtor license is issued solely for provision of information and advisory services to the real estate market.

Sphere of the service

Licensing and Permits

Category of the service recipient

Legal entities and individuals.

The organization

The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for assistance to privatized enterprises and development of competition


Address: 100066, Tashkent city., Islam Karimov str., 55

Phone. (+ 99871) 239 44 46

Fax: (+ 99871) 239 47 84

Veb site: gkk.uz

Documents required to get the service

a) an application for issueing a license, indicating:

the name of the organization, organizational-legal form, location (postal address), names of the servicing bank and numbers of deposit account in the bank, the list of founders (participants), their addresses and activities - for legal entities;

passport data with first, second, and third names, - for individuals;

Type (s) of real estate services, which is (are) the applicant intends to implement;

b) a copy of the certificate of state registration of the license applicant;

c) a copy of the payment document confirming payment of the license applicant the fee for consideration of the application by the licensing authority;

d) copies of labor books and orders for the main workplace of full-time Realtors, and the mentioned documents should be stamped by the legal entity;

e) copies of qualification certificates of Realtor employees in the state, stamped by the legal entity, a copy of the Realtor qualification certificate - for individuals;

f) a copy of the document confirming the authorization of the capital of the constitution in full amount provided by the Regulation for the implementation of the relevant type of real estate activity. Formation of partially or fully authorized capital is allowed in making assets used in the provision of real estate services;

g) a copy of the approved internal control rules of service quality.

The requirements of subparagraphs "e", "f", "g" of this paragraph shall not be applied for individuals.

Legal basis for service provision

  • Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On realtor activity";

  • Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers "On Approval of the Regulations on the licensing of real estate activity» № 129 dated May 10, 2011.

Cost and method of payment for the service

For the review of the application for a license, the applicant is charged to twice the minimum wage.

Period of dealing with an application

During consideration of the application of the license applicant for a license fee is charged to twice the minimum wage.

Methods for obtaining results

The license may be refused on the grounds specified in Article 17 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On licensing certain types of activities."

Result of the service

License to engage in real estate activity has no time limit action.

Reasons for refusal

The license may be refused on the grounds specified in Article 17 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On licensing certain types of activities."

Order of appeal

The license applicant has the right to appeal the decision of the licensing authority to refuse to issue a license, as well as actions (inaction) of an official of the licensing authority in the manner prescribed by law.

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