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Permission for concert activity in Uzbekistan and abroad, concert service for wedding, anniversary and other celebrations
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Description of the service

Applying for a license to perform concert activity in Uzbekistan and abroad, concert service wedding, anniversary and other celebrations.

Sphere of the service

Licensing and Permits

Category of the service recipient

Individuals and legal entities.

The organization


Addreess:Tashkent City, Navai Street 2

Phone: (+99871) 235-41-15, 234-24-28

Documents required to get the service

To obtain a license the license applicant - legal entity shall submit to the licensing authority the following documents:

  • the application for a license , indicating:

  • names and the legal form of legal entity , its location ( postal address ) , name of the institution bank and checking account in a banking institution ;

  • licensed activity that the license applicant intends to carry out ;

  • a copy of the certificate of state registration of a legal entity;

  • a document confirming the applicant license fee for consideration of the application by the licensing authority of the license applicant ;

  • copies of documents (certificates , passports , diplomas) , confirming the presence of musical education performers receive state awards, awards, prizes , etc. In exceptional cases ( with the obvious presence of a singular talent , talent ) to address the Group's representatives at the Council to promote creative development and coordination of the national pop possible acceptance of documents for granting licenses without furnish copies of a music education ;

  • a statement on the repertoire of performers sostavlennuyuaya license applicant ;

  • other documents that the license applicant to submit further their own wish , in order to form a clearer picture of the qualifications of the license applicant.

Legal basis for service provision

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers. from 11.11.2003g. № 498 "On approval of provisions on licensing concert activity in Uzbekistan and abroad, concert service wedding, anniversary and other celebrations"

Cost and method of payment for the service

During consideration of the application of the license applicant for a license fee is charged to twice the minimum wage. For a license or renewal of her actions a state duty.

State duty for license issuance and renewal of its action set for each license applicant, depending on their type of ongoing concerts and entertainment activities and assigning the rating group.

Period of dealing with an application

The decision to grant or deny a license is received in a period not exceeding fifteen days from the date of receipt of the application of the license applicant with all necessary documents.

Methods for obtaining results

Personally, by mail.

Result of the service

Licensing concert activity.

Reasons for refusal

The license may be denied on the grounds established by laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On licensing certain types of activities" for the following reasons :

  • Predastavlenie license applicant improperly documented ;

  • Presence in the documents submitted by the license applicant , false or distorted information ;

  • License applicant to inadequate licensing requirements and conditions , as well as the conditions of competition .

  • In the case of a decision to refuse to issue a license denial notification is sent to the license applicant in writing with specific reasons for the refusal and the period sufficient for the license applicant , by eliminating these causes could predastavit documents for reconsideration.

Order of appeal

The license applicant has the right to appeal the decision of the EA "Uzbeknavo" refusal to grant a license , as well as the actions of the official EA "Uzbeknavo" in the manner prescribed by law .

In the case of removing the license applicant , reasons which have led to denial of a license , re- examination of the documents provided by EO "Uzbeknavo" within a period not exceeding ten days from the date of receipt of the application of the license applicant with all necessary documents .

In this re- submitted documents are submitted for consideration by the Group promoting creative representatives at the Council for Development and Coordination of the national pop on the day of admission.

A group of representatives of the Council of promoting creative development and koordinatstsi pop art in a period not exceeding six days , re- examine the submitted documents and make judgments on them to grant or deny a license .

EO "Uzbeknavo" within four days on the basis of conclusions of the representatives of the Council of creative promoting development and koordinatstsi national pop decides to grant or denial of a license.

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