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Licensing procedure for micro-credit organization activities
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Description of the service

Procedure to award the license for micro credit organization activities.

Sphere of the service

Licensing and Permits

Category of the service recipient

Legal persons.

The organization

The Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Ave.Uzbekistanskaya 6, Tashkent, the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan,/p>

Telephone: 236-75-24

E-mail: info@cbu.uz

Documents required to get the service

• license application ( download form );

• founding documents microcredit organization ;

• A notarized copy of the certificate of state registration of microcredit organization ;

• information on the management bodies of a microcredit organization ;

• bank document confirming the formation of the statutory fund microcredit organization ;

A copy of the payment order, the license applicant confirming payment processing fees .In order to ensure collaboration and interchange of information systems in the microcredit organization must be:

modem connection to connect to the telecommunications network of the bank;

• separate qualitative link between the building of microcredit organization and automatic telephone exchange , where the equipment is installed telecommunication network of the bank;

• secured power supply (220 V );

• software capable of maintaining the daily accounting;

• other technical means necessary for organization of the microcredit organization .Building a microcredit organization and its cash facilities should be strengthened technically and are equipped with fire and security alarm .On the technical strengthening and equipping of fire and security alarm of microcredit organization and its cash sale, you have a modem and link quality in order to ensure collaboration and interchange of information systems and software that meets the technical requirements for the implementation of the operations of accounting , you must obtain Finally, the relevant territorial control of the Central Bank .All documents containing more than one sheet must be bound .

Legal basis for service provision

Resolution of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Approval of the Procedure for Licensing of microcredit organizations» 13.04.2010 № 2093

Cost and method of payment for the service

Licensing authority for the issuance of a license a state duty. Dimensions collection and the state fee established by Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 37 from 19.02.2007.

Period of dealing with an application

Statement with all necessary documents to obtain a license is considered by the licensing authority within 30 calendar days of receipt of the application and the required documents.

Methods for obtaining results

The licensing authority shall notify the licensee of the decision, to grant or deny a license within 3 days after the decision.

Result of the service

Granting or denial of a license.

Reasons for refusal

The Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan may refuse to issue a license microcredit organization in non-conformity cases submitted documents to regulatory requirements, and the availability of documents provided false or distorted information.

Decision to refuse to issue a license to the applicant in writing, specifying the reasons for the refusal and the period within which the applicant by eliminating these causes can provide documents for reconsideration.

Order of appeal

Decision to refuse to grant a license may be appealed to the court in accordance with legislation.

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