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Crediting for individuals
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Description of the service

Consumer credit is to be granted for 3 years up to 150 times the minimum wage, with the interest rate not higher than the refinancing rate of the Central Bank, for production of goods and services established on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan (privileges are provided for young families).

Educational credit is to be granted for payment for the University education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. To study for the bachelor's degree credit is granted for 10 years, master's degree for 5 years, at an interest rate not higher than the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Mortgage credit is a credit that is granted to citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, able-bodied persons from 18 to 60 years of age who having constant place of work as result of which they have constant or other sources of income.

Credit for purchase and construction of individual housing in the amount of up to 3000 minimal salaries established by the legislation.

Credit for reconstruction of house or for purchase of apartments in apartment buildings with up to 2500 minimum wages established by the legislation.

The credit has 1 year of grace period.

The credit is to be granted for 15 years with 3 years of grace period from the own funds of Bank or from credit lines attracted from other financial institutions and borrowed funds, notwithstanding of client’s own funds (but not less than 25% of total cost of buying on credit).

New credit types for “2012 is a year of sturdy family”

Credit “Intelligent investments for future”

This credit gives opportunity to realize mental potential, improve knowledge, helps to prepare to go to Universities and to prepare to go to special training centers at various educational courses in different directions. The credit is granted by transferring funds to bank account of educational institutions or centers for 18 months in size up to 50 minimal salaries.

The following types of credit security is accepted:

- Guarantee from individuals or relatives based on income statement with permanent place of work.

- Guarantee from third persons

- Collateral as property or securities

- Other ways provided by the legislation or described in the contract.

Consumer credit for the purchase of solar panels.

Credit for buying solar batteries is to be granted for period up to 24 months with an interest rate not exceeding the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and with size up to 150 minimum wages.

Sphere of the service

Banking and Financial Services

Category of the service recipient


The organization

Joint-Stock Commercial Microcreditbank


Address: 14, Lutfiy str., 100096, Tashkent

Tel.: (+998 71) 273-05-86

Fax: (+998 71) 273-05-86

Helpline: (+998 71) 150-56-47

Documents required to get the service

In order to obtain a credit, the following documents need to be provided to the bank

- Application (written request) for credit;

- Reference information on own savings or savings account

- Agreement between business entity and the borrower, and as well as the original license and certificate for activity of business entity.

- Credit security (one of the abovementioned methods)

- Identity document of the guarantor and the borrower.

Legal basis for service provision

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministries №181 dated of August 23, 2007

Cost and method of payment for the service


Period of dealing with an application


Methods for obtaining results


Result of the service

Obtaining of credit.

Reasons for refusal

Not provided.

Order of appeal

Address to the managerial staff.

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Consideration of applications

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