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Description of the service

VeriFone Vx510 terminal sets new standards for performance and security for desktop terminals. High performance of Vx510 and built-in Ethernet interface (*model Vx510 LAN) make extremely short time of transaction. Payment by plastic card will be faster than payment in cash!

A large amount of memory and multitasking protected operating system allows to simultaneously working with several independent applications.

Programmable privacy module will allow terminal to adapt to any secured key management scheme.

Install the application for replenishment of mobile phones, payment of Internet access services - POS-terminal can be used not only for payment of goods.

Multifunction software INPAS, legendary reliability of VeriFone equipment, elegant design, ergonomic keyboard with additional keys for quick performance of most common operations, bright screen and small size will make Vx510 indispensable for plastic cards operations.

Two models are delivering - Vx510 and Vx510 LAN.

The latest model has a built-in 10BaseT Ethernet interface.

All models are equipped with telephone lines modem to provide backup communication channel.


- LAN connection will provide opportunity up to 2-3 seconds reduce of transaction time;

- payment for goods or services through card will become faster and easier than cash;

- multitasking high performance terminal can be used for payment of goods, replenishment of mobile phone, satellite TV and much more.

VeriFone Vx670 explores new profitable markets.

Wireless communication VX670 - Wi-Fi or GPRS - ideal for plastic card payment in restaurants, bars, stadiums, as well as for delivery of goods and services to house, for payment for transport services - taxi and cargo transportation. Compliance to enhanced security standard PCI-PED confirms high information protection class in device and opens all possibilities for use of plastic card by typing PIN. Connection is made through a plug-in Wi-Fi or GPRS.

Vx670 is developed according to latest EMV specifications.

Full backward compatibility with existing applications for Vx Solutions platform minimizes cost of training and development and allows to quickly introducing new models in acquiring network.

Innovative ergonomics provide exceptional convenience and functionality of POS-terminal VeriFone Vx670:

  • Ideal for restaurants, hotels, stadiums, exhibitions, delivery of goods and services to the house.

  • Terminal was originally developed as device for wireless communication and interaction. There is a choice between WiFi and GPRS types of wireless communication.

  • VeriFone MAXui provides most convenient user interface - large, bright display and large keys with well-lit, while total size of terminal is one of smallest in the industry.

  • Vertical slot of magnetic track reader with specially curved pressure plate for optimal reliable card reader. Special fastening for wearing terminal on the belt ensures reliable fixing it when carrying and, at the same time, allows to quickly transferring the terminal to cardholder to conduct transactions.

  • High security level will ensure safety of transaction.

Exceptional performance and functionality:

  • Powerful 32-bit ARM9 processor able to completing transaction in a few seconds;

  • Standard charger base or fully functional database with USB ports for connect additional peripherals and wired modem to provide additional safety channel connection to the host;

  • Durable case withstands drops of terminal from 90 centimeters height on concrete floor;

  • Magnetic stripe reader protected from moisture effects, which is especially important when using in restaurants and bars, as well as for working outdoors.

It is first time in industry, when terminal supports WPA Wi-Fi. Terminal meets to new, stricter requirements of PCI Security Visa and Mastercard for devices that support transactions entering PIN.

Sphere of the service

Banking and Financial Services

Category of the service recipient

Legal entities.

The organization

 Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Uzpromstroybank”


Address: 3, Shaxrisabz str.,100000, Tashkent

Phone: (+998-71) 120-35-94,

Fax:( +998-71) 233-35-94,

E-mail: info@uzpsb.uz

Web site: www.uzpsb.uz

Documents required to get the service

The followings are necessary for obtain terminals:

  • Application (written declaration) to head of Bank’s branch;

  • Registration certificate and copy of the passport;

  • After submission of documents, it is necessary to conclude agreement between you and Bank, and payment terminal is transferred based on the mutually signed transmittance document (act).

Legal basis for service provision

Paragraph 2 of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers № 445 dated of September 24, 2004.

Cost and method of payment for the service

Free of charge installation of payment terminal;

Renting price for 1 month is 10 Euro.

Period of dealing with an application

Methods for obtaining results


Result of the service

Installation of payment terminal.

Reasons for refusal


Order of appeal

Appeal to appropriate authority.

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