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Credits to Small Business
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Description of the service

Small business loans granted to borrowers for the purchase of mini-technologies, development and expansion of its own production, including the purchase of seeds, livestock, poultry, primary processing of raw materials, the development of folk crafts and home-based work organization.

Basic conditions for the issuance of microcredit:

• microloans issued in national currency at the rate of up to 1,000 minimum wages;

• revenues and providing micro-credit to pay off the loan principal and interest thereon;

• micro-credits are issued on a contractual basis up to 3 years;

• the interest rate is set by mutual agreement on the basis of the loan agreement in the amount of legally established rate of the Central Bank. Due to the special fund concessional lending interest rates do not exceed 50% of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the date of the loan;

• repayment is made in the currency of the loan granted.

Microloans for formation of the initial (starting) capital issued only to newly created and passed gosudartvennuyu registration not more than 6 months of small c business entities who have applied in the prescribed manner to the servicing bank to micro, dehkan farms, small businesses and farms on the formation of working capital, to create a feasibility study of investment project and the purchase of equipment.

• loans for formation of the initial (starting) capital issued in the amount of up to 150 minimum wages to micro and small farmers and up to 300 times the minimum wage - to small businesses and farms;

• the interest rate is set not more than the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

• Micro-loans are issued without extension return, taking into account the 3-month grace period, the formation of the initial (starting) capital for up to 18 months to create a feasibility study for the investment project for up to 12 months and the purchase of equipment for up to 24 months.

Due to the bank's equity, family business entities, for the organization of family business and entrepreneurship, and may be granted microloans the following conditions:

interest rate - not greater than the current refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

• the maximum amount of microcredit - 200 times the minimum wage;

• period - 2 years, taking into account the grace period not exceeding 3 months without the right of prolongation

Graduates of professional colleges, in particular, private entrepreneurs, registered them, small businesses, in which 50% of employees are graduates of professional colleges and / or supervisor is a college graduate, are provided for the organization of micro mini-productions, development of services, as well as other business activities associated with the production of goods or services.

Microcredit graduates of professional colleges subject to the following conditions:

• subjects of private entrepreneurship with the organization of the legal entity in an amount not exceeding 1000 times the minimum wage, entrepreneurs and small farmers without legal entity in an amount not to exceed 200 times the minimum wage;

• term microcredit - given a grace period of three months, working capital formation up to 18 months for the purchase of mini-technologies, poultry, cattle less than 24 months without the right of renewal;

• Interest rate on microcredit is set no higher than the refinancing rate of the Central Bank.

The procedure for issuing long-term loans to small businesses, and farmers through a special Fund concessional lending.

At the expense of a special Fund concessional lending provided soft loans to small businesses and private entrepreneurship. The Fund's assets are allocated primarily to finance high-tech and innovative projects in the field of small business and entrepreneurship, industrial micro, small businesses, and farms located in remote and inaccessible areas, as well as in regions and cities with excess manpower to the following conditions:

• loans from the fund are given in an amount not exceeding dvuhtysyachekratny minimum wage;

• Interest on loans from the Fund is set at no more than 50 percent of the established rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the date of the loan.

Borrower shall have one of the following types of collateral pledged to not less than 125% of the loan amount:

• pledge of property or securities;

• the guarantee of a bank or insurance company;

• guarantees from third parties;

insurance policy the insurance company for insuring the risk of credit default by the borrower.

Sphere of the service

Banking and Financial Services

Category of the service recipient

Legal person.

The organization

 Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Uzpromstroybank”


Address:100000, Tashkent city, Shaxrisabzkaya str.,3

Phone:(99871) 120-35-94,

Fax:(99871) 233-35-94,

E-mail: info@uzpsb.uz

Documents required to get the service

For micro credit loan borrower with information on income gives the bank the following documents:

• credit application for microcredit;

• a business plan with the obligatory indication of cash flow analysis;

• credit support;

• for legal entities balance sheet (Form number 1) in the last reporting period, certified by local (regional) authority tax service and a certificate of receivables and payables (Form number 2a), as well as acts of reconciliation on the debt more than 90 days, a report on financial results (form № 2);

individual entrepreneur or head of farmer facilities are personally passport, a copy of which is filed in the loan deal.

Legal basis for service provision

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers № 195 of May 19, 2000

Cost and method of payment for the service

Free of charge.

Period of dealing with an application

Contractual with bank manners.

Methods for obtaining results


Result of the service

Credit fence.

Reasons for refusal

In case of not providing the necessary documents.

Order of appeal

Application to the head of bank.

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