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Foreign Economic Activity
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Description of the service

In the sphere of foreign economic activity, the bank provides the following services:

• Registration and calculation of export-import operations

• Carrying out conversion operations

• Documentary operations

• International payments and correspondent relations

• Remittances

• Dealing

Registration and calculation of export-import operations.

Foreign trade contracts (exports, imports and barter), concluded and committed economic entities of the Republic of Uzbekistan with foreign partners are registered with an authorized bank, except for:

- Contracts concluded on the commodity exchanges in the national currency of the Republic;

Import operations - physical persons - residents engaged in entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity;

- Transactions involving the import of goods in order to create or increase of the authorized capital of the enterprises with foreign investments, as well as the supply of goods at no cost.

Import operations - Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 20.04.1994g. Number UP-837 "On measures to ensure exchange controls on export-import transactions" RU decree number 95 KM from 03.13.1996 "On measures to improve control over the use of funds in foreign currency for foreign trade operations," Resolution of the Cabinet of Uzbekistan number 416 of 30/09/2003 "On measures to improve the monitoring of export-import operations," Regulations on the procedure for registration and payment of import contracts due to own foreign currency funds of economic entities (MOJ RU number 1514 from 10.04.2005 year )

Export and barter transactions - Regulation on the procedure of registration and monitoring the performance of export and barter contracts with authorized banks (MOJ number of RU 954 from 09/082 000), Resolution of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 245 of 29.06.2000 "On measures on further develop and strengthen the OTC market, "Resolution of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 263 of 06.22.2001" On measures for further liberalization of the foreign exchange market. "

Conversion operations.

Bank carries out transactions on purchase and sale of foreign currency on the OTC market. Under current legislation entities have the ability to purchase and sell foreign currency.

In case of acquisition of foreign exchange businesses and organizations are customers of the bank to the bank statement on the conversion, according to the form set by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the necessary documents. Submitted customer orders are considered by an expert group set up by the Bank within three days.

If you meet the requirements of the documents submitted by the expert group preparing the conclusion of the bank.

Sale of businesses and organizations of foreign currency bank customers, the conversion of one currency to another are also conducted in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Documentary operations.

Uzpromstroybank behalf and on behalf of customers and correspondent banks implementing payment transactions in the form of documentary letters of credit and collections.

Due to the Bank's reputation as a reliable partner, his letters of credit and collections are accepted by all major banks in the world due to the lines that are larger than $ 350 million, and a wide network of correspondent banks and modern means of communication allow for documentary operations as soon as possible.

Uzpromstroybank the reception and execution of documentary operations governed by the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits ICC publication number 600, 2007 edition., And the Uniform Rules for Collections ICC number 522.

Improving the efficiency of operations through the use of documentary forms of payments to clients and create opportunities for correspondent banks Uzpromstroybank attract new business partners, expanding their trade and economic activity, and increasing the volume of the transactions.

In the preparation phase of the contract, bank specialists will provide expert advice in selecting the most efficient structure of documentary payments under the contract.

For the execution of banking orders for documentary operations, Uzpromstroybank charge fees and interest in accordance with the rates of commission for the execution of banking orders. For the execution of client orders for documentary operations, Uzpromstroybank charge fees and interest in accordance with the rates of commission for the execution of client orders.

International payments and correspondent relations

Interacting with leading foreign and republican credit, financial institutions, Uzpromstroybank offers its customers a wide range of services in the field of international payments, provides customers with more convenient conditions of service.

Uzpromstroybank more than 350 banks - correspondents, including 338 foreign banks in 50 countries, among which first-class European and American banks, such as UBSAG, DresdnerBankAG, DeutscheBankAG, CitibankN.A., JPMorganChaseBank, AmericanExpressBankLtd., CreditSuisse, BNPParibasS . A..

Evidence of high reputation in international financial markets is that Uzpromstroybank as one of the most successful, recognized overseas banks in the country, offers its clients a comprehensive service of foreign economic activity, quality counseling, and if necessary, develops individual payment schemes.

The main clients of the bank in the system are the oil and gas, fuel, chemicals, and energy industries, engineering and construction.


Remittances play an increasingly important role in the economy of Uzbekistan. Bring a significant contribution to economic growth and welfare of the population of our country. Money coming to the final consumer, usually spent on household and educational needs.

Tend to encourage the inflow of foreign currency in Uzbekistan. And we can say that it is interest-free targeted investments.

The remittance market of Uzbekistan Uzpromstroybank started its operations in 2002. Currently, the bank is one of the leading positions in this segment of the market, providing its clients with multiple remittance systems, such as "SONTACT", "Migom», «Interexpress», «Blizko» and «Western Union».

This also allows the bank to cover different geographical regions, which creates additional convenience to users (customers) of these systems. At the same time, the speed of the remittances, their safety and low commissions, these systems have proven demand for the period of their validity.

International remittances Systems "SONTACT", "Migom», «Interexpress», «Blizko» and «Western Union» through savings banks, which are branches of the bank, received great popularity among the population.

Currently, the demand for international money transfer has been steadily increasing, the development of money transfers for individuals Systems «Contact», «Migom», «Interexpress», «Blizko» and «Western Union» is one of the priorities of the bank.

Expanding the geography of remittances allows to maintain the momentum of development of this direction at the current level, with the result that the proportion of return direction may increase several times.


Being one of the main catalysts for the financial system of the country and taking advantage of its position as a reliable business partner in the international financial market, Uzpromstroybank provides a wide range of services to its clients and partner banks in dealing operations, such as:

- Attraction and allocation of funds by the counterparty banks and clients in foreign currency for various periods at the current rates of the interbank money market (Money Market);

- Implementation of conversion operations on major world currencies such as, USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, RUB on condition urgent physical delivery SPOT and FORWARD type conversion operations;

- Trade bills in cash at majors (Banknotes Trading);

- Providing information on current trends and market conjuncture, quote currency pairs and their changes forecast for the extensive knowledge of bank customers in real time

Sphere of the service

Banking and Financial Services

Category of the service recipient

Legal person.

The organization

 Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Uzpromstroybank”


Address:100000, Tashkent city, Shaxrisabzkaya str.,3

Phone:(99871) 120-35-94,

Fax:(99871) 233-35-94,

E-mail: info@uzpsb.uz

Documents required to get the service

In formulating the foreign trade contract on account of the contract the applicant shall submit to the Bank:

• Application for registration of the contract, according to the prescribed form indicating the type of contract (export, import, or barter)

• the original contract, initialed by the parties to it and copy

• passport import transaction (if the import contract)

• Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers or local authorities (Mayor's) (in that case, if the contract of barter)

• Certificate of registration of the contract MFERIT (in cases established by law).

Requirements for foreign trade contracts must comply with the regulations, the performance of which are mandatory for all participants of foreign economic activity.

Legal basis for service provision

Cost and method of payment for the service

Period of dealing with an application

Methods for obtaining results

Result of the service

Reasons for refusal

Order of appeal

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