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Submission of electronic applications for technical conditions (TC) for connection to the water supply and sewerage networks
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Description of the service

Submission of electronic applications for technical conditions (TC) for connection to the water supply and sewerage networks.

Sphere of the service

Licensing and Permits

Category of the service recipient

Individuals, legal entities and consumers of group II (heat supply organizations; WSS organization; departmental housing and dormitories of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as other organizations; budgetary organizations; religious organizations; embassies and diplomatic missions; self-government bodies; PHOCs).

The organization

State Unitary Enterprise "Suvsoz" (SUE"Suvsoz")


SUE «Suvsoz»

Address: 2, A. Chexov str., Mirobod district, Tashkent city, 100060, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone: (+998 71) 252-19-56

Fax: (+998 71) 252-19-38

Web-sayt: www.suvsoz.uz

E-mail: info@suvsoz.uz

Documents required to get the service

Fill in the e-application form attaching the following documents:

  1. Situation plan of the object’s location with reference to the settlements issued by territorial bodies of architecture and construction.

  2. Balance of water supply and sewerage of the premises to be connected with a breakdown by type of water use, including for fire extinguishing.

  3. Information about the composition of wastewater intended to discharge into the sewerage system.

  4. Information about the purpose of the object, height and number of floors of the building.

  5. Details about subcontractors.

  6. Copies of documents certifying the corresponding right to plot of land (for example, decision of khokim of Tashkent city on the issue of construction permit).

Legal basis for service provision

Cost and method of payment for the service

The service is provided free of charge.

Period of dealing with an application

Consideration of application and issue of TC within 2 working days.

Methods for obtaining results

Result is provided in electronic form to applicant’s cabinet on the Single portal.

Result of the service

The result of this service is issue of TC for connection to the water supply and sewerage system in Tashkent city. Based on the TC, applicant develops project documentation in accordance with regulatory and technical documents. Notice of readiness TC and the document in electronic form sent to the applicant's personal account on the Single portal.

Reasons for refusal

  1. Failure to attach full package of documents or submission of incomplete documentation, impeding provision of the service.

  2. Congestion of networks, lack of utilities in the area of the premises location, unfavorable terrain.

  3. Passage of the existing water supply and sewerage networks under the construction object.

  4. Location of existing water supply networks and (or) sewerage networks under or near the premises (within 5 meters).

Order of appeal

The applicant has the right to appeal the quality of the service and action (inaction) of the official institution in the order established by law.

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