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Submission of aplication for obtaining permissions to the admission in operation of the new or reconstructed electroinstallations of consumers
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Description of the service

Submission of aplication for obtaining permissions to the admission in operation of the new or reconstructed electroinstallations of consumers.

Sphere of the service

Licensing and Permits

Category of the service recipient

The applicants - legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

The organization

The State Inspection of the Republic of Uzbekistan on supervision for power industry


Address: 6, Istiklol str., Tashkent, 100000, Republic of Uzbekistan.

Phone number: +998 (71) 233-02-86, 233-65-82

Fax: +998 (71) 236-33-50

E-mail: info@energonazorat.uz

Web site: www.energonazorat.uz

Documents required to get the service

For electrical installations:

  • Technical conditions for connection of electrical installations.

  • Project electricity, agreed in the prescribed manner.

  • Single-line diagram of power supply facility, signed by the person responsible for the electrical equipment of the consumer.

  • Acceptance act between the installer and the consumer.

  • Certificate of compliance for electrical installations.

  • List of available protective measures, with the protocols of the tests, fire fighting equipment, safety posters.

  • Minutes of acceptance testing of electrical installations under Chapter 1.8 of Section I of the Rules for Electrical.

  • Passports to the main electrical equipment.

  • Order appointing the person responsible for the electrical equipment.

  • Executive circuit acts on the hidden work.

  • The list of operational and operational and maintenance personnel (name, position, qualification group on electrical, telephone numbers), which are permitted to give on behalf of the consumer quickly dispatch service enterprise regional electric grids application opening and closing of electrical installations.

  • The program of electrical connection, agreed with companies and organizations, networks that are connecting (when connected to electrical voltage of 35 kV and above).

For the electrical producing test (measurement):

  • A copy of the charter (regulations) of the enterprise and consumer organizations, which operate as part of Electro technical laboratory (ETL) certified by a notary.

  • A copy of the order on the creation of ETL and appointment of its leader.

  • A copy of the order appointing the Commission on examination of the rules, officials and manufacturing instructions from experts and workers ETL.

  • A copy of the order appointing the person responsible for the electrical equipment of the enterprise and the organization and his deputy in the presence of ETL as a part of the enterprise and the organization.

  • A copy of the order appointing the person responsible for the electrical equipment ETL.

  • Copy of the order granting the persons from the personnel ETL authority to sign acts, protocols testing (measuring).

  • A copy of the ETL certification, issued by an organization authorized agency "Uzstandard" and registered in its territorial bodies.

  • Documents in calibration of measuring instruments and certification test facilities.

  • Methodology (software) testing (measuring).

  • Copies of the minutes (log entries) last audit staff knowledge of ETL with a tolerance to it of special activities on testing (measuring).

  • Order appointing the person responsible for the accounting, security, organization of timely inspection, testing and storage of remedies in ETL.

  • The approved list used in the production test (measurement) protection.

  • Form a technical report on the applicant's tests (measurements) as part of the title page with full name and organization to the signature of the head and place Stamp and the content of the technical report with the signature of the chief place of ETL.

  • Qualifications of staff to the declared types of works.

  • Technical documents (forms of acts, testing protocols (measurements) to place the signatures of persons (at least two), eligible, and place a stamp ETL.

  • Documents on the current activities of ETL (logs requests registration of issue of the test report (measurements).

Legal basis for service provision

Cost and method of payment for the service

Free of charge

Period of dealing with an application

20 working days

Methods for obtaining results

The answer is forwarded to the user's personal account on the Single portal and/or emailed to the user's email address specified during registration on the Single portal.

Result of the service

Getting admission to the operation of their electrical installations in the form of resolutions and having the right electrical connection to the electric networks of enterprises or organizations.

Reasons for refusal

  • Non-compliance of documents with the established requirements (non-exhaustive list, improper filling).

  • Non-compliance of the applicant permitting requirements and conditions.

  • Presentation of the documents required for the issuance of permits, not in full.

  • Availability of the documents submitted false or distorted information.

  • To prove a negative opinion on the results of studies, research, surveys or other scientific and technical assessments, when their conduct is mandatory in accordance with the provisions on the procedure for the passage of licensing procedures.

Order of appeal

The applicant has the right to appeal the quality of services, and the action (inaction) of an official state institutions in accordance with legislation.

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