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Description of the service

Submission of electronic applications for the implementation of a compensation payment on compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners.

Sphere of the service


Category of the service recipient

Individuals and legal entities

The organization

The fund of guaranteeing payments on compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners


Guarantee Fund of payments on compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners

Address: 100017, Tashkent, pl. Independence, etc. 5.;

Phone: (+998 71) 239-42-50;

Helpline: (+998 71) 239-42-72;

Fax: (+998 71) 239-42-34;

E-mail: info@tkj.uz.

Documents required to get the service

Applicants may apply with the application:

- Insurance policy (if any);

- Decision of the court for damages if the case was heard by the court;

- Documents confirming the fact and amount of damages (opinion or decision of a traffic accident, a certificate from the medical institutions or other documents confirming the damage to life or health, or the act of death certificate);

- Documents confirming the fact and amount of the damage caused to property (commercial acts, invoices, extract from the book of fixed assets, vouchers, contracts, reports on the assessment of property, etc...);

- Documents proving the identity of the victim or the state registration;

- Documents confirming the entry into the rights of inheritance or succession, as well as identification of heirs or successors state registration (if the indemnity to be paid to the heirs or successors of the victims).

Legal basis for service provision

Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On obligatory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners"

Cost and method of payment for the service

Free of charge

Period of dealing with an application

within 30 days

Methods for obtaining results

The answer is sent to the user's personal account on a single portal and / or e-mail that was provided during registration on the Single portal.

Result of the service

services result decision on the implementation of compensation or a reasoned refusal of implementation of these payments.

Reasons for refusal

The grounds for refusal to pay a compensation payment or part thereof may be following reasons:

- Incomplete or incorrect filling in the electronic form of the application and the discrepancy of the information provided actually. Also, incomplete or wrong has attached a copy of the required documents;

- If by the culprit was fully reimbursed inflicted material damage to the victim;

- In the case of civil liability if the culprit was insured at the time of the accident;

- In the case if the victim in writing appeals to the Fund a statement on the termination of the review of the electronic application;

- If by the originator of the complaint to the appropriate authority of the court to the court adopted a decision on compensation to harm to the victim;

- If the repair of the damaged property or the disposal of its residues, conducted before the inspection and the organization of an independent examination and assessment of damaged property in accordance with the requirements of this Act, does not allow to reliably establish the presence of the insured event and the amount of damages to be recovered.

Order of appeal

The applicant has the right to appeal against the provision of poor quality services in consideration of the application, as well as actions (inaction) of an official organization in the manner prescribed by law.

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