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"Uzpakhtasanoat" joint-stock company

8a, Shota Rustaveli str., Tashkent, 100070, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone number: +998 (71) 120-42-30
The website: http://uzpse.uz/
E-mail info@uzpse.uz
Functions Duties

  • The systematic study of conditions in the world and domestic cotton market and, based on these emerging trends, the development of proposals for improving the placement of selected varieties of cotton, the volume and structure of production of raw cotton;

  • Assist in the organization of production of cotton plants of cotton production and preparation of sowing cotton seeds.

  • Develop and implement programs for upgrading of the industry, modernization of production facilities.

  • Development and implementation of engineering and technology training seed cotton.

  • Improve the system of classification of raw materials and cotton products.

  • Ensure control over the maintenance of order and strain renovation sortorazmescheniya cotton.

  • Formation and the Ministry of Economy of Uzbekistan and TAO "Pahtasanoat 'balances of production and supply of cotton products.

  • Monitoring the quantity and quality of harvested seed cotton enterprises produced cotton products meet established standards outputs of cotton products, waste, and other losses of production;

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