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Agency "Uzarhiv" under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Address: 2, Chilonzor str., Tashkent, 100043, Republic of Uzbekistan
Phone number: +99871 277-2425
The website: www.archive.uz
E-mail uzarchive@archive.uz
Name of a territorial divisionAddressPhoneE-mail 
Central State Archive of the Republic of Uzbekistan100043, Tashkent, Tashkent district, st. Chilanzarskaya, Building 2Тел.:+998 71 230-47-66,230-47-63, 230-47-65,277-06-68csa@archive.uzView
Central State Archive of scientific, technical and medical documentation of the Republic of UzbekistanTashkent, Almazar district, st. Nazimahonim House 86+998 71 142-11-94, 144-14-98 View
Central State Archive of Film, photo and fono document of the Republic of Uzbekistan+99871 277-55-11 +99871 277-11-44 +99871 277-55-89csakffd@archive.uzView
Management on archives of the Republic of Karakalpakstan

Nukus str. A.Shamuratovа 93a

(0-361) 222-76-00karakalpakstan@archive.uzView
Management on archives Andijan region235-40-27, 235-47-25andijan@archive.uzView
Management on archives Bukhara region224-86-23, 224-65-84. bukhara@archive.uzView
Management on archives Kashkadarya region+998 75 223-06-00kashkadaryo@archive.uzView
Management on archives Jizzak region +998 72 226-36-24jizzah@archive.uzView
Management on archives Namangan region+998 69 224-69-77 namangan@archive.uzView
Management on archives of Navoi region(8-436) 225-05-91 View
Management on archives Samarkand region+998 66 233-56-50samarkand@archive.uzView
Management on archives Sirdaryo region+998 67 225-10-71sirdaryo@archive.uzView
Management on archives Surkhandarya region+998 76 222-35-44surhandaryo@archive.uzView
Management on archives Ferghana regionтел: +998 73 224-07-97, 224-97-00fergana@archive.uzView
Management on archives Khorezm region228-65-34horezm@archive.uzView
Management on archives of Tashkent region +998 71 293-03-26tashvil@archive.uzView
Management on archives of Tashkent294-25-99, 294-32-60, 294-45-14View
Functions Duties

  • the realization of state policy in the field of archives and records management;

  • Development and implementation of national programs for the development of archives and support for the work of archives;

  • State control over the state archives and records management;

  • Maintaining the State Catalogue of the National Archival Fund;

  • establish procedures for the examination of the value of documents.

  • acquisition of specialized archive documents;

  • Development and improvement of accounting systems and finding aids archive;

  • preservation of the documents of the National Archival Fund of Uzbekistan stored in the archive.

  • Expanding the knowledge base archive * Organize the full use and publish documents.

  • Maintaining research and methodological work in the field of archives, records management and Archeology.





Abdullayev Abdushukur Khamidovich

Director General of the Agency "Uzarhiv"



Kucharova Dildora Lutpullaevna

Deputy Director General of the Agency "Uzarhiv"



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