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State Inspection of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Railway transportation safety supervision

7, Turkistan str., Tashkent, 100015, Republic of Uzbekistan

Phone number: +99871 299-9637; 299-9511; 299-7862; 299-9090
The website: www.rwnadzor.uz
E-mail info@rwnadzor.uz





The Republic of Karakalpakstan

230600, Kungrad town, Uzbekistan street, 76


Andijan region

Bukhara region

200700, Bukhara region, Kogan, st. Zebiniso, Building 2

52-4-3884, ж.д. - 60316, 60315

Jizzakh region

Kashkadarya region

180100, Karshi, Uzbekistan Street 8

(8-375) 227-1123

(8-375) 227-1123

Navoi region

Namangan region

Samarkand region

Surkhandarya region

Syrdarya region

Tashkent region

Ferghana region

150700 Kokand. Street Shoxruxobod 11

552-5276 ж . д . 33-15, 33 - 18

Khorezm region

Tashkent city

Tashkent str. Turkistan, 7

+998(71) 299-9438,

+998(71) 299-9440

+998(71) 299-7572

Functions Duties

  • State supervision in the established order of compliance relevant ministries, departments, enterprises, institutions and organizations operating in the Republic of Uzbekistan of Rules of technical operation of the railways of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the instructions for the movement of trains n shunting operations, instructions for signaling and communication, as well as other instructions and regulations governing the technical trouble-free operation of railway transport;

  • The organization of licensing the transportation of passengers and freight on the railways;

  • State oversight of the development and conduct of in a timely manner relevant ministries, departments, enterprises, institutions and organizations of preventive measures to ensure traffic safety and reliability of the technical means to ensure the safety of rail traffic;

  • the development, approval and monitoring of the established procedure for the execution of the ministries, departments, enterprises, institutions and organizations of legal documents to ensure transport safety in railway transport;

  • Implementation in the prescribed manner of commission checks knowledge of operating rules and regulations of the newly appointed to the position of workers "Uzbekistan Railways", their periodic inspections, as well as employees of ministries and departments, enterprises and organizations operating in the field of railway transport;

  • state supervision and control of the safety of railway transportation of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

  • The organization of licensing in the field of railway transport;

  • Develop and supervise the implementation of preventive measures aimed at ensuring the safety of rail traffic;

  • Development, approval and monitoring of regulations on the technical operation of railways of Uzbekistan;

  • Participation in the review of projects and work on acceptance of a permanent or temporary operation of facilities, products and technologies of rail transport in terms of compliance with the established requirements;





Akhmedov Doniyor Bakhtiyorovich

Head of inspection

Monday - Friday


Pulatov Yadgor Pulatovich

Acting First Deputy Head of Inspection

Tuesday, Thursday


Radjabov Erkin Nematovich

Head of Department of licensing organization



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