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Navoi Mining and Metallurgy Combinat
Address: 27, Navoi str., Navoi city, Navoi region, 210100, Republic of Uzbekistan
Phone number: +998 79 227-7555
The website: www.ngmk.uz
E-mail info@ngmk.uz
Functions Duties

  • Extraction of precious and rare earth metals, precious stones;

  • Recycling of industrial products containing precious, rare and rare earth metals;

  • Production of jewelry made of precious metals and stones;

  • Transportation and sale of jewelry made of precious metals and stones;

  • Production, production, production, processing, use, storage, maintenance, transportation, disposal, recycling and disposal sources of ionizing radiation;

  • The production, transportation, storage and sale of explosive and poisonous substances, materials and products with their application, and Explosives;

  • Production of blasting;

  • Conduct

  • exploration for precious metals, uranium and associated minerals throughout the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

  • surveying activity;

  • Design, construction, maintenance and repair of bridges and tunnels;

  • Design, construction and operation of high-risk and potentially hazardous industries;

  • Development of architectural and town-planning documentation;

  • Capital Construction;

  • Design, construction and operation of transmission networks TV and radio programs;

  • Design, construction, operation and provision of local services, long-distance and international telecommunication networks;

  • Design, construction, operation and service delivery networks Mobile radio communications;

  • Design, construction, operation and service delivery networks paging;

  • Design, construction, operation and service delivery networks data;

  • Design, development, manufacture, maintenance and use of cryptographic protection of information;

  • Design, installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance of fire control, security, fire and burglar and fire alarm systems;

  • Transportation of passengers and goods by rail domestic the message;

  • Urban, suburban, intercity and international passenger and goods by road;

  • Import (export), transportation, storage and sales of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, use for medical needs and destruction. Production precursors for the production and use requirements;

  • Production of phosphate rock and fertilizers;

  • Machine tools;

  • Production of building materials.

  • medical activities;

  • pharmaceutical activities;

  • publishing and printing;

  • tourist activity;

  • Wholesale trade and intermediary activities;

  • implementation of natural and liquefied petroleum gas;

  • establishment of a bonded warehouse;

  • manufacture, sale and rental of measuring instruments;

  • maintenance of aircraft at airports related to performance air transport;

  • output for industrial purposes for their own and the needs of other users;

  • production of consumer goods and provision of services to the public;

  • production, sales of food and non-food products and alcoholic beverages at retail;

  • Decontamination of fluorescent lamps;

  • The organization of freight yards in railway transport;

  • The organization of health and other child, adolescent and youth camps, and recreation areas.






Kuvandik Sanakulovich

General Director of State Enterprise

"Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine"

2 nd Saturday


с 10-00

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