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News » The Single interactive state services portal: access to each area

More than two months passed after the launch of the Single interactive state services portal www.my.gov.uz. All this time the work has been carried out with appeals of citizens, the most popular services has been identified, user satisfaction with the responses of government agencies has been studied. In addition, systematic work is constantly being provided to improve the Single portal, to expand the functionality and the involvement of government organizations.

On the eve of the annual ICT Week, UZINFOCOM Center announces a new joint achievement of government and developers of the Single portal: hokimiyats of the districts and cities of all areas including the Republic of Karakalpakstan and Tashkent city has been connected to the Single portal. Now, when filing appeal, you can select the area of residence or relating to the appeal, which will put the problem more targeted, focused, will reduce "walking" of the appeal to the responsible governmental bodies.

This opportunity came as a result of organizational activities to engage local authority into the single information space of e-government held by regional authorities and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan in conjunction with the Centers for computerization.

The involvement of district leaders will more quickly solve local issues "on the ground", as they are closer to their own specific problems and their content than the higher authorities. In addition, the vast majority of applications, namely regional scale, can be resolved at the local level without distracting experts of higher authorities from the more general problems.



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