В связи с запуском новой версии портала прекращается техническая поддержка данной версии!!!
News » Campaign "Get the status Passport ID and digital signature at the exhibition ICTExpo 2013

UZINFOCOM Center together with SUE SEMRC UNICON invite everyone to visit our stand at the exhibition ICTExpo 2013, and get the status PassportID and digital signature for free.

Let us remind that the status of PassportID of the Single identification and authentication system provides access for users to services that require identity confirmation of the user. To obtain the status of PassportID usually, you must provide all the information about yourself by visiting the Customer Care desk of Center UZINFOCOM with the passport. For residents of the regions, the procedure of assigning the status of PassportID is performed by the regional centers of computerization at Khokimiyats.

But, visiting our exhibition, you get the opportunity to obtain the status of PassportID immediately, within a few minutes.

Status PassportID makes it comfortable to use personal cabinet on the Portal of Communal Services and housing e-kommunal.uz, as well as on the Single interactive state services portal my.gov.uz. Given that e-government is just beginning to develop, you can be sure that the status of PassportID will be needed in the future to access more and more new features and services of the e-government.

Digital signature - is a mandatory attribute of an electronic document, providing control over the integrity and protection against counterfeiting, as well as confirming the authorship of the document. EDS mostly used in e-commerce, online banking, and in document circulation at a particularly important correspondences. In Uzbekistan, there are nine centers of registration of EDS, and including EDS registration center SUE "UNICON.UZ", which is also, together with the Center UZINFOCOM organizing the campaign

Issuance of EDS at the exhibition will be free of charge.

Naturally, to obtain the status of PassportID and EDS, you must visit the stand and present your passport, as well as, provide a USB drive for recording EDS keys. If you are not registered on ID.UZ yet, you will be able to register directly at the stand of the Center UZINFOCOM.

ICT exhibition is held on September 25-27 at the Exhibition complex "Kurgazma savdo Markazi" pavilion № 1, str. Beruniy 41. For more information about the exhibition please visit the website: www.ictexpo.uz; for more information about ICT Week please visit the website: www.ictweek.uz.



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