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News » Changing the program of work with the digital signature (DS module)

To improve the user experience when working with digital signature (DS) on the Single portal, new program software (module DS) has been updated. The updated module «E-Imzo» supports all browsers and versions of the Windows operating system (including Windows XP).

In addition, previously used browser «Otchet.uz», which was necessary to access the portal through electronic signature, is no longer required- single software package "E-Imzo" allows users both to authorize and to sign online applications. Furthermore, if earlier for use of the DS it was required to load an open key (certificate) in the User’s cabinet on the Single portal, with introduction of «E-Imzo» such need is no longer required.

We inform that the module «E-Imzo» only works with digital signature keys issued by the State Tax Committee. In this connection, users of UNICON.UZ keys need to contact the nearest State Tax Inspectorate so that to get the updated keys.

Dear users!

We are also reminding you that according to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On the appeals of individuals and legal entities" digital signature is a necessary attribute to validate online applications.

For more information on the obtaining of DS keys of the State Tax Committee, the installation and use of the module «E-imzo» click the following link: https://my.gov.uz/en/page/ecpmodule.html



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