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News » New opportunity for dialogue and two-way communication and the public authorities (the contest participants)

Many developed countries of Europe and the world have launched a single portal of interactive services . Uzbekistan has also long been a lot of work underway to develop and implement EPIGU . Finally came the moment and we EPIGU is started . What it is and how to treat it ? Single portal for online public services ( Single Portal ) is a single point of access to online public services provided by state agencies, including a fee. If explained in simple and understandable language for the reader , then EPIGU future should replace bureaucratic red tape in public services and many other sectors of life. For example, ordinary workers needed leaving the village to a neighboring country , but time to go and learn about free tickets for the next flights not. In this case can be accessed on the Department EPIGU services and to book e-tickets "Uzbekistan Railways ". Besides, anyone can apply through EPIGU apply to the state agency to solve social , problems utilities and others.
I think that EPIGU eliminate bureaucracy in this area. Because the system can record and consideration of applications for certificates of the State Tax Service of the absence of taxes .
Another very sensitive issue for the public, is the sphere of payment for utility services . Today, payment and allocation of funds for personal account payer must cross large obstacles to step over these obstacles need to find free time for the working man is a sore spot . In EPIGU can quickly pay for utilities and other services , as well as provide access to the personal accounts of consumers .
The transition from information and reference to the interactive nature , that is not only possible to view information on government services , but also apply for the provision of services directly on the portal will create a great platform for solving accumulated recently in the housing sector and the reporting of public services.
EPIGU people's interest is growing every day , it confirms the site statistics . On 29 October 2254 received a portal application , the majority of them , 97 percent from individuals. This is primarily the interest of the population speaks the portal and services rendered through it .
Think that portal under development , so far, not every citizen can receive electronic services , particularly those in the region. You need to run the electronic portal of the regional , urban and regional scale . For example, in Russia each subject or municipal authority has its portals of electronic services . If you run an electronic portal of the Republic of Karakalpakstan Karakalpak , Uzbek and Russian languages, softened to many social problems . In addition , open access to the personal accounts of public services in the regions , this additional advantages for the population. At the present time , to pay for gas in the first place need to be compared with the last reading of the last payment, then you need to take a subscription book , it is necessary to stand in line a long time. Because now pay utilities engaged pensioners home . And if the work requires a certificate of debt for utilities , it is first necessary to recalculate the operator , then it is necessary to go to the engineer for the issuance of certificates .
In addition we believe you need to add the following services and service:

put on the interactive map coming authorities ( meeting of citizens , the city administration );
quick access to telephone "hot line " of the city ;
get information about the sale of land and apartment buildings for a mortgage with the provision of information to draw up documents on the amount of collateral (this information is just right for young families do not have their own homes );
should put a card oversee urban minibuses and buses with additional information about the owners of the organization providing services .
filing in medical institutions ( timetable and methods for physician profiles );
on the interactive map to find the nearest medical facilities , clinics, hospitals with accommodation.
In this case, the operation of the electronic portal of the region can be combined with EPIGU Uzbekistan. We think it will create a convenience to the public.
In the future it is necessary to implement the provision of public services in the full cycle , that is, without having to visit the state authorities to confirm the submitted application and registration fees for other services.
Currently EPIGU Uzbekistan works and the first results , it is evident from the statistics treatment of citizens and addressing their complaints directly involved in the process of the portal . There are some shortcomings , we believe that improvements will continue portal . But we must take into account that many of our citizens are not aware of the launch of the portal . To do this, a large-scale advertising campaign relating to the activities of the portal , to make a presentation on the institutions of the Republic . We believe that the interest and participation of a large number of our citizens in the development of the portal circulation to reduce congestion on the ground. Thus , social and community services will work quickly and reliably , go bureaucracy.
Naturally, in the future, the portal will be developed. How do you like the prospect that a couple of years tedious procedure of filling paper certificates do not need ?
Hurmet Atazhanov ,Editor of " Karakalpakstan University"



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